Shadow Fight 2 mod + apk 2.22.5 Menu, Unlimited All, Max Level

Shadow Fight 2
App Name Shadow Fight 2
Genre Action
Developer Nekki
Size 150.5Mb
Latest Version 2.22.5
Mod info Menu, Unlimited All, Max Level
Update November 23, 2022 (1 weeks ago)

Description of Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk is a game that allows players to play against other opponents in a one-on-one format. In this version, you will have the opportunity to interact with many new characters, many new heroes as well as more advanced weapons. Joining this game, gamers will train their fighting spirit as well as their thinking. So what are you waiting for without trying to download this game to your phone right away.

Download Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK - The famous fighting game today

This is a game not for the impatient players although the game is quite easy and has a lot of functions. If you want to conquer this entire game, you need to have patience because you will have to enter different gamplay to win over your component. One of the attractions for players is that the game is constantly updating with new effects. At the same time create many new areas for you to explore.

This game is considered the most successful version in the Shadow Fight 2 series released by Nekki. This is also the game that is storming the gaming market today.

Let's find out the highlights that this fighting game brings to gamers.

Character control

In each battle, the player will not need to use many technique to control his character. You just need to use 3 keys like forward, backward and jump up. In situations where the enemy attacks, you must know how to transform skills to fight and attack the opponent. For characters with flying skills, it is imperative that you use the jump key to navigate your destiny. Also deals critical blows to kill the enemy.

The character's skill keys will be located in the right corner of the screen. Each character will have a number of different skills and strengths. So before using the character to fight, gamers should learn carefully and familiarize themselves with the controls to become more proficient.

Character skills

Shadow Fight 2 possesses extremely diverse character skills

In this Shadow Fight 2 game, mastering the control keys is not enough. You need to hone more skills suitable for each different level. When you unlock the necessary skills, you can use certain skills in combat. This means you need to complete the challenge. However, if you harmoniously combine skills and control keys, upgrading is very easy.

Collecting items

Currently the game provides a lot of items for your character. Not to mention some typical items such as: weapons, costumes and auxiliary equipment including darts and magic.

Regarding weapons, brothers at level 1 can only unlock knives, next level 2 will lock knuckles. Each turn you reach this level will unlock the corresponding weapon item. You can choose to buy or get more clothes such as: robe, old leather jacket, kendo, fury, doublet, etc.

Game Modes

In the game Shadow Fight 2 players will fight through the story of 7 modes. Each mode will have a main boss, especially in the last mode, all previous bosses converge. Because through each mode, the bosses will become stronger and not easy to defeat. Therefore, you need to improve your strength by buying more modern equipment. The most important thing is to hone your fighting skills. To play the new modes, you must complete the destruction of the boss and bodyguards of the old mode.

Secondary mode: you can earn money to buy equipment, items, weapons.
Tournament mode: in this mode you will participate in tournaments
Survival mode: you will have to survive

Duels mode

Ascension mode (Sublimation): Winning this mode, gamers will receive special costumes and special attributes.
Challenge mode: you have to complete the set challenge.
Special Modes: Underworld (Hell), Eclipse (Eclipse)

Design of the game

The company Nekki has used its proprietary technology to create a game Shadow Fight 2 with a very unique 2D design. This design has never been similar to any other game. The publisher has designed the subjects to be all black and highlight the background.

When participating in the battle, players will see the smoothness of the gameplay. The combination of character effects and weapons has created an extremely beautiful action scenes. In addition, the publisher Nekky has invested in a quality sound system, with extremely catchy sound, you will feel real when listening to the sound here along with the effects.


For many gamers, Shadow Fight 2 is a fighting game worth playing ever. For those who are passionate about fighting, do not miss this game. In addition, this game helps you to have quick thinking and quick and accurate operation.

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