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Temple Run
App Name Temple Run
Genre Arcade
Developer Imangi Studios
Size 54.3Mb
Latest Version 1.22.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update March 01, 2023 (3 weeks ago)

Description of Temple Run

Temple Run Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) is the latest and most successful in the series with similar gameplay. Been waiting since its launch, the game owns many attractive levels plus great graphics and sound. Since then, it has become the best offline game for mobile phones with 50 million downloads in just 2 weeks.

Download Temple Run Mod Apk Unlimited Money for android

Gamers like being integrated into a journey full of adventure and challenge. When you have to quickly escape the chase of the unique monsters, the gorillas in the temple but in this version. Gamers can jump into the air to watch the beautiful sunset.

This series of games is considered to have a natural and soft environment and feels more realistic than games with similar gameplay.

Temple Run can be considered a veteran in the gaming industry, because the 3D action game was released a long time ago. On August 24, 2011 and now more than 11 years old. The publisher of the game is Imangi Studios with its headquarters located in North Carolina, USA.

The game can be considered a veteran in the gaming industry, because the 3D action game presented was released on August 24, 2011, and is now more than 11 years old. The game publisher is Imangi Studios company based in North Carolina, USA.

In terms of the game's reputation, there is no need to argue anymore. Only after Vietnam's Angry Bird. This is the second game product to reach 1 billion downloads on mobile devices.

The game has achieved that huge achievement after only 4 years. Thanks to that, this game is present at the prestigious game charts. And honored to become one of the legends of the gaming village at that time.

Explore the journey to find treasure at the ancient temple

In terms of the reputation of Temple Run, there is no need to argue much. Vietnam's Angry Bird created a sensation, this is the second game to hit the milestone of 1 billion downloads on mobile devices.

Temple Run's illustrious reputation in the game market

Only after 4 days of launch, the game has caused a worldwide fever and achieved 20 million downloads. At that time, everywhere in the newspapers, there was information about this 3D game. Everyone in the family who owns a smartphone will play this game.

Interesting scene in the game

The whole process of Temple Run is a boy's journey to find treasure at an ancient temple. The main character is named Guy Dangerous. But the journey to find the treasure was not easy, he was chased by monsters and had to find a way to escape.

On the run, he will have to go through a lot of terrain, overcome a lot of obstacles. And continuously collect gold coins to be able to upgrade yourself, increase strength. If you stop, monsters will come to attack you right away.

Advantages that make players fall in love

Temple Run 3D game possesses many advantages that make players excited. And make the game gradually become a legend:

  • Players can download and play the game for free.
  • Fast paced and dramatic gameplay. Requires players to focus, quick eyes, so it's very attractive.
  • 4-level character system for gamers to gradually upgrade.
  • Players can use Gems to respawn.
  • Beautiful graphics, engaging sound, unique in-game effects.
  • Various obstacles, countless challenges and rewards.
  • Game guide for players to conquer easily

In the game Temple Run, there are up to 36 objectives and challenges for players to conquer. These challenges vary in difficulty and ways to overcome, so at every level, players will always find excitement and satisfaction.

To control the main character to overcome obstacles. For example: tree branches encroaching on the path, bottomless potholes, fire fountains, narrow cliffs. Players need to flexibly perform the following operations:

  • Swipe the screen left / right: whichever side the player swipes, the character will turn to that side.
  • Swipe up: then the character will jump to avoid potholes.
  • Swipe down: the character will lie slightly on his back and slide and is often used when going through water paths.
  • Tilt the device left / right: to be able to adjust the running direction of the character on the run to eat coins.

The most commonly encountered goals are:

  • Novice Runner: is the task of running 500m in 1 run.
  • Pocket Change: is a task to collect 100 coins in 1 run.
  • Adventurer: is the task of scoring 25,000 points in 1 run. The score will be automatically added up by the game system.

When playing the legendary game Temple Run Mod Apk, players will have moments of attractive entertainment, washing away all fatigue and sadness. It must be said that with the quality that has been recognized during 10 years of development. This is a game series that you should try.

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