WARSHIP BATTLE: 3D World War II 3.2.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

App Name WARSHIP BATTLE: 3D World War II
Genre Action
Developer Joycity Corp
Size 98.3MB
Latest Version 3.2.7
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 27, 2022 (5 months ago)

Description of WARSHIP BATTLE: 3D World War II

WARSHIP BATTLE: 3D World War II is an action mobile game with a military theme. The game is published by Joycity. This is a famous game developer in Korea. Since its inception, they have launched a lot of extremely successful mobile and PC game products.

The main task in this game is to "drive" the ship to participate in the fiercest battles. When entering the game, the player will become the driver of a warship. This ship is located at a secret military base location located on an island in the open sea.

WARSHIP BATTLE: 3D World War II - Unending naval battles

Gamers will control the ship as well as tweak the physical parameters so that it is ready to participate in battles. The ship textures that the player can change include: bullets, torpedoes, enhanced resistance to bombs and bullets with shields, weapon upgrades, ...

The game is developed by vivid 3D graphics. Image quality can bring out the best in battle. Especially creating extremely realistic battleships. Because it was designed by the publisher based on real models in World War II.

WARSHIP BATTLE: 3D World War II has no restrictions as well as locked views. Therefore, gamers will be able to watch the most epic battle close-up.

Besides, sound effects are also a factor that makes this game attractive. The sound of explosions, the sound of gunfire can make players shudder like entering a real battle.

Download WARSHIP BATTLE: 3D World War II Mod Apk - The most attractive game in 2022

WARSHIP BATTLE: 3D World War II features epic and epic sea battles. The game invests in a fleet of warships, super quality battleships. The mechanics and gameplay are also extremely attractive.

System of attractive game screen

The system of the game screen is extremely attractive

The game's screen system is divided into many historical milestones from 1940 to 1942. In each level, there will be 3 modes including Easy, Normal, Hard to choose from. Each mode of course has different rewards. The more difficult the mode, the more rewards.

In the game, there is also a leaderboard built for gamers from many different countries to compete. The player's achievements will be recorded by the system. When you reach the top, you will be honored with your name on the leaderboard.

Super easy gameplay mechanics

The control mechanism in WARSHIP BATTLE: 3D World War II is not much different from the simulation fighting game series of the same genre. From the very beginning, the game has detailed instructions on how to play, the buttons.

On the screen include:

  • On the left are the navigation keys.
  • In the middle is the HP bar to grasp the battleship's vitality situation.
  • On the right are weapons and tools used to repair ships.
  • Along the left side of the screen is a button that displays the map and speed of the train.
  • The top right corner will display small tasks to track and perform.

In particular, the game developed a new feature that tilts the device forward or backward to adjust the direction of the bullets. The feature helps players to aim and shoot enemies from all sides.

Every time you win the screen, gamers will accumulate points. Players use this accumulation to upgrade warships. Besides, when leveling up will be allowed to upgrade parts of warships or weapons. The higher the level, the more opportunities the player has to strengthen his battleship.

In addition to the large missions assigned in each campaign, players also have to complete small and hidden missions. These quests certainly bring very high accumulation points. It helps a lot in improving combat power.

The good thing is that each mission is based on real World War II campaigns in history. Thereby, gamers can both play and learn historical knowledge.

Advantages that everyone loves

As a game released by Joycity, WARSHIP BATTLE: 3D World War II can completely conquer players in many ways.

Spectacular and intense scene

Extremely realistic gameplay

The first point to mention is the context in the game. The context inspired by World War II is extremely epic and fierce. Thanks to the 3D graphics, the scene in the game completely gives the feeling of being in a real battle.

When participating in the game, players will understand what a real firefight is. The battles are filled with dramatic suspense, burning fiercely. The effects of fire and explosion, falling bombs are so realistic it's hard to describe.

Even playing on the phone is not far behind on the PC. The game is both beautiful and smooth.

Super product mobile game thanks to quality graphics and sound

Every warship that appears in WARSHIP BATTLE: 3D World War II is a perfect simulation in every detail. The sound of bombs resounded in the sky, shaking the mind.

Another highlight is that the game supports 360-degree rotation of the environment. Thanks to this point, players can fully observe the battle, quickly determine the position of the enemy.


Overall, WARSHIP BATTLE: 3D World War II is a historical mobile game that is extremely worth playing. Although there are many limitations because it is a game played on the phone. However, the game can still satisfy many simulation fighting game enthusiasts.

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