Block Craft 3D mod + apk 2.17.0 Unlimited Gems

Block Craft 3D
App Name Block Craft 3D
Genre Arcade
Developer Fun Games For Free
Size 72.5Mb
Latest Version 2.17.0
Mod info Unlimited Gems
Update January 31, 2023 (2 days ago)

Description of Block Craft 3D

Block Craft 3D - WorldCraft is an open world building game series. Has graphics similar to how to play Minecraft. Free game for players who want to explore the vast forest with rich resources. Download the game to be able to enter the world of fascinating magic cubes.

Block Craft 3D - Freely build a world for yourself

For Minecraft game lovers, this is a game not to be missed with smart and creative gameplay. We can easily see a series of similar games from gameplay to graphics. However, to find the unique and separate, only Block Craft 3D is still a monument that is difficult to overcome.

To create a breakthrough is really not easy. The game is provided to players completely free of charge. You will be immersed in adventures in the world full of chance. The game is divided into day and night with 2 missions of survival and construction for each time.

Through the resources collected in the open world, players will build great works with their own personality. This is your own world and there is no limit to all creativity.

In the game, players will start looking for simple tools. Then process them into different tools and tools. Purpose to serve his construction work.

Download Block Craft 3D mod apk - Survival game with magic cubes

  • A survival game that combines adventure and exploration in the open world with ideas and inspiration from Minecraft.
  • Vivid 3D graphics make a strong impression on players.
  • A lot of maps, skins, recipes are completely free to experience.
  • Lots of biomes and terrain for players to explore.
  • Block Craft 3D is the perfect series for the whole family. Suitable for children can think and develop.

Useful Block Craft 3D game tips for new gamers

Share some great tips for new players

This is not just a simulation game on the phone. Which has now become a social network that many friends are building online on their phones. You visit the house and can learn the gameplay from them. Not only that, now you can play easily with the following useful tips.

Learn how to build buildings

When new to Block Craft 3D, if the player has never played the minecraft game, it is for sure. Players will need some time to get used to the gameplay as well as the way.

First of all, if you want to build a construction, you need to own enough materials as well as tools to be able to build. However, a small note for players is that the materials to build in this game will not be the same as in real life.

Focus on building buildings that make you money

In the beginning, many gamers often tend to "burn out of pocket". By just working on creating something, they gain experience points. To avoid this, you should prioritize building works that make money. For example, houses or workshops.

If the coin part turns green after the player completes these works. Surely gamers will earn coins. Therefore, gamers first build a few buildings in Block Craft 3D!

Focus on building buildings that generate EXP

Of course, EXP points play a very important role and no less than coins. So, besides prioritizing building a house to make money. Players should also combine with buildings to help earn experience points. EXP points help you unlock new buildings in Block Craft 3D fastest.

Tear down old buildings to be able to build new more advanced ones
Players always have the option to undo what they did before. Specifically, if you need more space to build new buildings. Or the works bring more benefits, you can remove the old ones. Besides, it is also possible to build adjacent buildings for the purpose of saving more space.

Towards higher ground

Players looking to go higher? Simply put, the player just needs to put the boxes in the form of stairs to be able to easily go up to the higher ground. These boxes can be dynamically deleted at any time afterwards.

Accelerate construction to speed up the process

Join and build yourself a one-of-a-kind world!!

Players can speed up the construction process more in Block Craft 3D. By tapping the screen with another finger during construction.


In general, the game Block Craft 3D emphasizes unlimited creativity and rich imagination. So players can do everything in the game by themselves. However, some game tips and features introduced in the article will help you to experience the game somewhat easier.

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