PUBG MOBILE mod 0.23.0 Menu/Auto Headshot

Genre Action
Size 53.2Mb
Latest Version 0.23.0
Mod info Menu/Auto Headshot
Update September 16, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of PUBG MOBILE

Pubg mobile lite is a new version of PUBG Mobile, this game is optimized by the publisher with low configuration. Aim the game it can run smoothly on smart devices like phones. This is considered the lightest game version with only 500MB instead of hundreds of MB as before.


Pubg Mobile Lite - The lightest version for weak configuration models

Currently this game has officially launched and is available at CH Play or Appstore. Help players can easily install and experience this summer. Gamers can download it for free without any cost. The publisher has applied the very advanced and modern Unreal Engine 4 technology. Therefore, since its launch, it has attracted many different segments of gamers. Especially gamers with limited economic conditions.

Download Pubg mobile lite APK - Enjoy the game application for weak configuration

Please refer to the content below to know why many gamers choose to join this game.

Configuration format to download the game

The outstanding point of this game compared to other games is that it is suitable for all phones with extremely low configuration. Players will easily participate in the game smoothly on their phones as long as the phone has 2GB Ram and owns a good processor and operating system. Compared to previous versions, in this version, the complete installation only needs 400MB.

This has helped gamers with phones that are 2 to 3 years old can still pursue their passion for the hottest game in the world. This improvement has helped the publisher attract a large number of gamers to download the game to the device.

Graphics in the game


Although some details have been omitted, the experience is still very smooth

In a word, because of the low capacity, some unnecessary details will be omitted. For gamers who have played the previous version, with this version of Pubg mobile lite, the graphics have been somewhat degraded. Things are not as organized as before.

In the settings menu, the Graphics tab is missing and gamers cannot change the image. In contrast to the regular version, players will be able to freely choose their own graphics. The graphics will be clearly hierarchical such as: Smooth, Balanced, HD, HDR and Ultra HD.

In this game, gamers can only choose one of two modes: Smooth and Balanced. Publishers do so to reduce storage space and enable many other functions and features more efficiently. On the other hand, in this version of the game will turn away the chat and exchange features between gamers.

Shorter duration of each match

With the original Pubg Mobile version, a player match will be played within 30 minutes. However, in the game Pubg mobile lite, players only need to compete within 10 minutes. Gamers who play and win in the end will receive Winner Chicken Dinner.

Diverse and unique arsenal

With this game there is no 3rd weapon like in Pubg mobile original version. However, gamers will be able to admire and use new and more advanced weapons. Players will take advantage of some typical guns to fight such as:  DP, M416, M16A4, Kar98k, M24,AWM, AUG, Groza,...

Area and number of players participating

This game owns the map area of ​​the game is also reduced. Gamers will experience with a mini version of Erangel. The Erangel map will have a smaller size of only 2x2km while the old version will be 8x6km.

Collapsing the map will improve the performance of your phone. At the same time improve more because it is considered the feature that takes up the most hardware space of the game. In Pubg mobile lite there will be no 'Sanhok', 'Miramar' or 'Vikendi'.

Shrinking the map means reducing the number of players. At this game, only about 40 to 60 players can participate. This number is less than half of the Pubg Mobile version.

Game mode


Possesses extremely attractive game modes

With the Pubg mobile version, there will be more modes, including: Classic, Arcade, Evoground and Arena. Currently this game only supports gamers fighting with two main game modes, Arcade and Classic. On the other hand, Tencent can add a mode that doesn't affect the phone's performance much.

Arcade game mode offers 3 battle types for players to choose from: War, Quick Match, Sniper Training. Gamers can only fight EvoGround on one map – Payload 2.0. Gamers can choose from 1 of 5 types of matches: Training, Teamfight, Gunfight, Domination, and Attack. However, the player only finds the War mode in Arcade when the player has reached the 10th level.


Game Pubg mobile lite is one of the games that expands the fighting ability for all gamers. Although there are small shortcomings, this game definitely brings a great experience for players. Immediately after reading this article, gamers, please pick up your phone to download the game and start playing.

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