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Hitman Sniper
App Name Hitman Sniper
Genre Action
Developer Square Enix Ltd
Size 854.7Mb
Latest Version 1.7.276729
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update December 13, 2022 (3 months ago)

Description of Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper is a series of mobile games of the assault action genre. The game is developed by IO Interactive company from Denmark.

In the game world map, this game can be considered as a classic monument with a line of action games. During more than two decades of release, the game has a solid foothold for me. It can be affirmed that the game is a worthy example for later generations to learn and follow.

Transform into a sniper assassin with the game Hitman Sniper

This game series has a huge number of versions including 7 main parts, 2 spin-offs. Besides, the game also has its own related movies.

The popularity of Hitman Sniper is increasing day by day. According to many reports, they predict in the future the number of game downloads and installs will increase even more. It is undoubtedly the hottest action game on the mobile gaming market.

Currently, the latest version of this game is being released for free on two platforms, Android and iOS.

Download Hitman Sniper Mod Apk - Enjoy the refreshing fun of sniping

When entering Hitman Sniper, players will transform into characters to do missions and destroy enemies. Let's discover what the game has attractive missions and characters.

When the player becomes a professional sniper

Participating in the game, gamers can experience being a member of a professional sniper squad. Players will receive missions to assassinate selected targets and anywhere.

It doesn't matter who needs to be defeated, the gatekeeper or the boss. As long as there is a request to destroy that person, the gamer must complete it.

Another point Hitman Sniper is different from regular shooting games, this game will focus on raids from a distance. Therefore, gamers do not necessarily have to come close to the target, but just stand far away.

Join and complete assigned assassination missions

Sniper raids are often carried out on the decks of ships, on the tops of mountains or in tall trees. These are all ideal locations for players to show their observation and sniping abilities.

Have the opportunity to become interesting characters

In the game, players will be transformed into The Shadows. This is a member of the INITIATIVE 426 team as an elite CIA Captain.

In addition, players can also choose to become other characters. The character system of the game is quite rich. Each character is a high-class sniper.

Once the character is selected, the participants will use their strategy and skills to fight many other players. At the same time, they also have to complete their tasks.

One point to note is that the character that Hitman Sniper has quite a lot but needs to be unlocked to own it. To own the character you want, you must complete the tasks to unlock it. For each character, they will have their own story, their own skills as well as specialized guns.

Diverse quest system

The game offers a very diverse mission system. It includes default quests and quests for ranking. When winning a level, the player will receive the number of stars corresponding to the level just completed. It is the stars that are needed to unlock the chests that contain valuable rewards.

When starting to play, gamers can see the tasks displayed on the left side of the screen. Most are requirements that players need to complete in order to be upgraded. Tasks such as specifying the number of enemies to destroy in a level, or challenging and unexpected assassination missions.

In ranked game mode, players have to face more difficult challenges. Going for difficulty, the reward will also be more.

Objective review of Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper can be said to be a mobile game in the genre of good and attractive ambush action. However, no matter how good a game is, there are pros and cons. Take a look at some of the game's highlights and limitations.

Advantages attract many players

A variety of aiming guns for players to collect throughout the course of the game

The first commendable thing of Hitman Sniper is that it possesses extremely high quality 3D graphics combined with the PBR mechanism. The game offers a realistic multi-dimensional viewing experience.

Moreover, the game is also optimized for display on mobile platforms. Therefore, players can see how carefully the investment is in terms of image. Each character, scene, weapon is relatively similar to reality.

In addition, the game also creates maps with many different battle locations. Each location has its own unique character, bringing a new feeling to gamers.

Limitations that need to be overcome

Because the graphics are quite sharp, the game requires the phone to have a high configuration. This may result in some mobile devices being incompatible. Or phones with low configuration will not be able to experience the game perfectly..

Publishers should try to improve the capacity and optimize so that all models have the opportunity to play games.


Hitman Sniper is a hit in the history of mobile raid action game development. The game promises to be improved and the future will release more perfect quality versions.

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