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Swamp Attack
App Name Swamp Attack
Genre Action
Developer Outfit7 Limited
Size 143.1Mb
Latest Version
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 28, 2022 (4 months ago)

Description of Swamp Attack

After My Talking Tom, the publisher Outfit7 has once again created an earthquake with the extremely popular and attractive crocodile hunting game Swamp Attack. The game that turns you into extreme crocodile hunters has achieved a lot of success and quickly received millions of downloads.

If players are looking for an action role-playing game to hunt wild animals, this game is definitely a good choice. The numbers don't lie when it's not long since the game's launch that the game has climbed to the top of the charts.

What's so attractive about Swamp Attack?

In this Swamp Attack game, gamers will have the opportunity to play the role of a young hunter living near a dangerous swamp that appears every day in front of the porch. Not only crocodiles, there are also many monsters as well as strange radioactive animals that break in and intend to attack the player every day.

With a gun in hand, the player's task is to destroy those strange creatures and animals to upgrade their weapons and continue to fight to the end. In addition, you can choose to go to the Multiplayer section to be able to join your close friends side by side to destroy those strange creatures more easily.

To be able to better understand as well as get some necessary information about the features of the game, please continue to follow in the following sections of the article below.

Download Swamp Attack mod APK- a monster hunting game full of unexpected danger

This game has a lot of outstanding features and only special advantages that contribute a lot to the development of the game as well as your experience.

The gameplay is simple but never out of date

The gameplay is simple but not boring

Simply put, the player just needs to click on the place where the monster is, the character that the player plays will shoot there and repeat until the monster is destroyed. The game owns a lot of different weapons and can be upgraded directly with the money that gamers receive when killing monsters to make the game easier.

The main weapons include rifles with extremely high damage that make it easy to kill monsters in a few seconds. Besides the main weapons, there are also secondary weapons that cause great damage such as grenades, pistols, bazookas, ...

There are also a number of secondary weapons in the form of traps to block the path of road monsters that intend to invade the hunter's house. Good weapons are the only way to fight the increasingly powerful monsters there.

Sound and visuals fit the sinister space

The game uses cartoon images suitable for many young ages, but it is still equally scary because of the strong draft details and the ghostly forest. The sound in the game is somewhat playful but still has a bit of a fast tempo to give players a feeling of suspense and heart palpitations when monsters appear.

The combination of sound and images has created a mysterious scene full of danger but no less lovely fun in the game.

There are many special scenes in Swamp Attack

Although the game is mainly on crocodile hunting, there are still some extremely cute and funny scenes that appear a lot to increase the highlight of the game with players. In it, players can see creatures such as crocodiles, pandas, mosquitoes and even UFOs that come from zombies deep in the jungle.

The variety of scenes of zombies coming out with funny costumes creates a deep impression for many players.

Some tips for playing Swamp Attack, players need to keep in mind

Although it is just a game with a gentle way of playing, easy to play and easy to win, gamers can still overcome the gates easily from a number of ways as follows:

Share some very effective playing tips

  • Pay attention to the main gun bullets because the reload time is quite long, so the player can be approached during that negligence.
  • Should only use secondary weapons when the enemies appear crowded and close together because of their great destructive power.
  • Should focus on upgrading the main weapon flamethrowers because this is the most powerful weapon that the game owns to kill monsters.
  • Put all your efforts into shooting down UFOs because UFOs are the most powerful weapons on the enemy's side to help the enemy steal your weapons.

Although the rules of Swamp Attack are quite simple, if you let your guard down a lot, it is certainly difficult for players to pass the gates easily.


Hopefully, the information we have given above about the Swamp Attack game will help you find a lot of fun for yourself when experiencing the game.

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