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League of Stickman
App Name League of Stickman
Genre Action
Developer Dreamsky
Size 133MB
Latest Version 6.1.6
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update January 03, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of League of Stickman

League of Stickman (Mod, Unlimited Money) is a fighting action game with extremely attractive and thrilling gameplay. In the gameplay, players will be in the role of super soldier and begin his journey to fight and defend for the righteous. This is an extremely entertaining game in today's game rankings. Let's explore the highlights of Stickman together!

League of Stickman has made a big splash thanks to its outstanding features and mesmerizing game interface. Game with simple gameplay, easy operation and easy for players to get used to. A variety of champions allows players to collect and use.

Countless levels come with many different modes and many attractive rewards. The arena of the stickman alliance took place in a grand manner. Many special events are regularly updated. Players also have the opportunity to own a companion spirit to fight together.

Download League of Stickman mod apk for android

league of stickman mod apk

The most attractive game in 2022 - League of Stickman

In the game there are many different game modes. Normal is the most basic passing mode of this game. The game screen is divided into different chapters with increasing difficulty in each chapter.

The effects in the game such as upgrading, strengthening are extremely sharp. Making the game more interesting, making players have moments of complete entertainment. The game has a very simple gameplay, the player's task is to control his character. To fight and destroy the ferocious monsters that stand in the way.

Discover many unique features in the game

Dubbed the bright star in the adventure game village. So what strengths does the game have that make it so attractive?

Easy-to-play gameplay

down league of stickman

The gameplay couldn't be simpler

The player's administration in the game is also extremely easy. With a horizontal viewing angle, the device's screen will be divided into two left and right sides. On the left side of the screen are two forward and backward keys that allow the player to move in the game. With the right part will be the attack selection keys to perform skills. 

Diverse general lineup in Stickman

League of Stickman possesses an extremely diverse army of generals. players can easily own them through the accumulation of gems in the game screen. Each champion plays a different role and skill set.

Each champion will have 4 separate skills and will be completely different. Similar to many MOBA games, players can choose and use skills. By clicking on the skill icon.

These skills do not require energy to cast and cooldown. The player just needs to wait until the cooldown expires to be able to reuse the skill. Cleverly use skills to create beautiful Combo chains and deal the most damage.

A champion's equipment is an indispensable part

Equipment is an indispensable part of action and fighting games. They will help the player's general increase attack stats. And have higher stamina or possess a large amount of health.

The equipment in League of Stickman is divided into different ranks. Each general can carry 6 items of each star tier, for example lvl1- lv9 champions can carry 6 1-star tier equipment. When that champion reaches lv10- lv19 can open 1 more storage compartment, add 6 and equip 2 star tier.

Players can also enhance the equipment in the game. To help increase the bonus stats. The equipment will also be divided into different qualities: white, green, blue, purple. And with each quality their minimum upgrade level will be completely different.

The game modes are divided into different chapters

Each chapter has 3 easy levels, 1 medium level, and 1 hard boss battle. When the player passes the levels in Normal mode. Players will receive rewards of gold and experience. As well as super equipment randomly equipped.

However, each mode has a different difficulty level. And players should achieve certain levels for their champions. The rewards of each mode are items with stars depending on the stage. Players can bring up to 3 generals in each mode.

Heroic sound, attractive graphical interface

game league of stickman apk

Exciting sound effects

The background music of League of Stickman has a melodious slow tempo and sounds heroic and majestic. Sound effects in each match are extremely interesting with effects from basic attacks. As well as the skills are fully supplemented, with a powerful tone.

The game's graphics are designed to be simple, but no less shimmering. With a character designed in the form of a stickman, equipped with enough armor and cool weapons.

In battles, the monsters only used a dominant black color. But still showing their ferocity and evil nature. Effects when the generals attack and use skills are extremely beautiful and majestic. Bring the unique characteristics of each champion.


Hopefully the above article will help players better understand many good things in League of Stickman. Do not hesitate any longer, download the game now to have the perfect gaming moments! Do not forget to share the article with everyone if you find it interesting and useful!

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