War Robots 8.6.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Rockets) Download

War Robots
App Name War Robots
Genre Action
Developer Pixonic
Size 86M
Latest Version 8.6.0
Mod info Unlimited Rockets
Update January 11, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of War Robots

War Robots (Mod, Unlimited Rockets) is a fighting action game between robots from the publisher PIXONIC - a famous publisher with many attractive action games. Here you will be able to choose and control countless different types of robots to be able to participate in extremely dramatic and fierce battles.

War Robos - Extremely attractive robot fighting game
War Robos - Extremely attractive robot fighting game

This is a game with extremely simple gameplay with easy operations to help you get used to it as quickly as possible. Your main task is to control your super robots to attack and destroy the enemy or occupy all the points in the game screen to be able to win the final victory. The screen will be divided into 2 parts, the left part is the control button used to orient your battle armor, and the right part is the keys that have the function of attacking the opponent.

At each battle in War Robots, there will be 12 players participating and divided into 2 different blue and red teams. Each player can choose any type of robot they like to be able to join the battle (in the backpack allows carrying up to 5 different robots to choose from at the start of the match).

The game has more than 50 different types of robots for you to choose, upgrade and create for yourself a powerful and most suitable super armor to fight the enemy together. In addition, through each round, try to improve your level so that you can unlock more robots.

Explore the fighting robot game

War Robots is highly appreciated by experts and once made the Vietnamese game market crazy.

Sound and graphics

Strongly invested from sound graphics to gameplay

War Robots has a vibrant soundtrack with a fast tempo that brings excitement, excitement and excitement to the player. The game blends with the melodious music, but the sound effects of gunfire, laser cannons or rockets make the gameplay more thrilling and dramatic. The game also has sound effects in capturing turrets or using extremely interesting items. In addition, when you upgrade to a new level, the game will emit an extremely happy sound as if it is congratulating you.

The graphics of War Robots are beautifully designed with extremely epic fighting robots with every detail designed meticulously and thoroughly. The ultimate weapons with power and effects when used are extremely eye-catching. The game consists of very large delicate maps with miniature city models inside for the most voyeuristic feeling. Through War Robots, players feel like they are really controlling a giant super robot that destroys the world.

Cool weapon

One point you need to pay attention to in War Robots is that when you own a new robot you will need to equip it with weapons. The game has a diverse arsenal that allows you to freely use and change machine guns, laser cannons or cannons on your robots. Each weapon will have its own uses and features, but you should note that with each super robot you can only carry a maximum of 2 types of cannons on you.

The fact that the game has many different types of weapons for players to choose from means that it will affect each player's gameplay in the match. If you want to join the battle as a support, you can choose slow, stun weapons. Or if you want to play the main damage role for the whole team, then choose weapons with great damage, fast bullet speed to easily destroy opponents.

Each different combination will represent different gameplay. Choose for yourself the most suitable weapons and become the most powerful commander.

Nice map

War Robots is like a miniature world with countless realistic and eye-catching maps that give you countless fascinating experiences. Each map has its own interesting features to help players not get bored during the game. The location to be occupied will also be changed according to each map to increase the drama of the game screen. With countless buildings, obstacles and difficult terrain will make your battle more attractive.

Hack War Robots has acc locked?

This is a question asked by many gamers recently. The publisher said that hacking or using third-party software is a violation of the game's terms of use. Therefore, when discovered, your account will most likely be locked temporarily or permanently. In addition, this behavior also greatly affects the fairness and transparency of the game. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not use this trick.

Why not download War Robots and make new friends fight side by side now!


Above are useful sharing about War Robots. Quickly download the game and join millions of other gamers to find the smartest robot commander. Have fun playing the game and win.

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