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Teaching Feeling
App Name Teaching Feeling
Genre Simulation
Developer Nutaku Studio
Size 869.3MB
Latest Version 2.6.1
Mod info MOD No key
Update February 15, 2023 (1 months ago)

Description of Teaching Feeling

Let's say if one day, a little girl appears in front of you, calls you master and does everything you ask. What will you think about that? Today, we will present to you a game app for Android that meets all your requirements. It's Teaching Feeling - an online novel game.

You can choose anything you want just by interacting with the screen through the instructions. In this gameplay, your main task is to help Sylvie recover health and psychology after being abused by previous owners, help little Sylvie heal her wounds, make her happy and happy. happiness.

Although it is not a new game app, Teaching Feeling is still extremely attractive and attracts a large number of players. Vivid images mixed with creepy colors promise to bring players curiosity as well as create an irresistible attraction for the game.

Prove you're a good master by helping little Sylvie through this terrible nightmare. Let's learn more about how to win this exciting game through the article below! We'll show you tips to help Sylvie survive the first 15 days.

Teaching Feeling mod apk android

Teaching Feeling - a fun and engaging visual novel game

Download Mod apk Teaching Feeling – Gameplay to rescue little girl Sylvie

At the beginning of this gameplay, you will be transformed into a doctor in a small town. This doctor is single and very workaholic. This doctor guy usually doesn't pay attention to what's going on around him. Then suddenly one day, a man appeared at the door and brought a little girl, that child's name was Sylvie. He said he was saved by you and wants to repay you with that child. The Teaching Feeling gameplay journey also begins here.

The easiest way to download the Teaching Feeling app

First to open this game you need to download the Teaching Feeling app. Then click on the menu then press the skip button. Then you keep clicking Menu again and skip it one more time. When the Menu appears again, click Menu and click the Auto button, then proceed to play, simple right?

How to take care of health Sylvie

After activating, the system will send you a girl, which is Sylvie. When you talk to Sylvie, you will realize that her health is not good. The previous trauma seemed to have knocked her down. Her former owners often tortured her for entertainment. The scars on her body are the result of chemicals poured on her.

Teaching Feeling mod apk

Sylvie's dire condition before being sent to you

As a girl who suffered a lot of physical and mental trauma, Sylvie's small heart became calloused. The mission in Teaching Feeling is to take care of Sylvie, work and earn money to cover your needs and take good care of Sylvie. There are three things you can do with little Sylvie. You can talk, pat Sylvie on the head or touch her. When choosing one of the three, the game will continue to progress in many different directions that you are the one to decide.

How to talk and make Sylvie open up

Also, she comes into your life more than a slave. She is like a soulmate, a light for your lonely life. Be kind to Sylvie, treat her like a real person: feed Sylvie dinner, take her shopping for clothes at the shop, let her go out and do the things she likes, etc.

Don't bind her by any rules. Then gradually, she will open up more and have many interesting interactions and very cute emotions. The gameplay is also quite simple, if you maintain it for 15 days, you will be the winner.

Teaching Feeling mod

Chat with Sylvie to help the little girl open up more

Tips to play Teaching Feeling  help Sylvie survive 15 days

Although only need to choose to manipulate on the screen, many players have lost Sylvie after only 15 days of living with her. The reason is because Sylvie got sick and did not survive. So how to overcome these 15 difficult days?

Never press the "Touch" button.

First and foremost, you should never press the "touch" button. Sylvie is inherently very weak and in need of care, if you have lust for her it will be a very bad sign, Sylvie can fall ill and die. Talk to her often and pat her on the head and show empathy.

game Teaching Feeling mod apk android

Pressing the "touch" button will cause Sylvie to fall ill and die 15 days before.

If you're interested, Sylvie will open up to you. She will ask for help from her master and go out. Through that image, the producer Teaching Feeling wants to send the players beautiful messages about human rights, the law of cause and effect and many other things in life.

Increase the score in the intimacy bar

Teaching Feeling has an intimacy bar, how close you are to the little girl will be judged by this bar. Meet Sylvie's needs and keep an intimacy score above 50, while prioritizing options that increase this score. Keep treating her well until the 15th day, Sylvie will be fine. When the intimacy score is above 50, choose a cure for her and she will survive the first 15 difficult days.


In short, Teaching Feeling is a game app that contains humane values ​​about feminism and child protection laws. The image of Sylvie is weak, timid and can break at any time. But with tolerance and understanding, you can help her overcome her pain and lay the foundation for a good life later. Not only in the game but also treat everyone well wherever you are!

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