Free Fire mod + apk 1.90.2 Hack Auto Aim

Free Fire
App Name Free Fire
Genre Action
Developer Garena International I Private Limited
Size 15.1MB
Latest Version 1.90.2
Mod info Hack Auto Aim
Update August 01, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Free Fire

Garena Free Fire (Free Fire) is an online multiplayer battle royale mobile game developed by 111 dots studio and published by Garena. This is considered one of the hottest and most popular games to date for all gamblers. We can pretty sure that there is no one who does not know this game because it has no age limit and the gameplay is really attractive right at the first test. Follow us to learn more!

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire - Multiplayer battle royale mobile game that never stops being hot

Leading the top of search hits as well as download counts on Google Play, Garena Free Fire is currently the hottest game with fast coverage on the market. This game target all group of age with a mission to entertain and improve the intellectual level. In addition, it also helps players make new friends, play together and create mutual support.

Garena Free Fire officially launched on December 4, 2017 for both Android and IOS operating systems (while the demo was previously put to the test on November 3, 2017 for Android only). From that time until now, this game has surpassed the milestone of more than 1 billion people to download. And the game also earned more than 1 billion USD (as of 2019) for its revenue. It is a process of development, upgrading and continuous progress of the publisher system to create a famous name in the market when becoming the most popular mobile game today.

In this game, you will start your own adventure, attack the enemy and protect yourself from bad guys to survive till the end of the game.You and other 50 players will join and landed on an island, you have to do all thing to be able to survive by forcing the player to eliminate enemies that attack him as well as to collecting food and weapons along the way to support himself and his family.

Fight Modes in the Game

Joining the game, you can choose how to fight: single, 2 or combine groups of teammates to increase strength. Initially, the player will not be equipped with any weapons and be taken to the plane. Randomly, the system will take the player to a certain location, your job now is to find self-defense weapons and supplies in mysterious buildings to maintain life and fight and defeat the enemy.

One thing to worry about is that in just a few minutes, the geographical map will shrink once again. If the player does not proceed further, they will definitely kill themselves. And especially the game will appear red light areas, this is a signal that there is extremely dangerous bombardment in the glowing area, be careful to protect yourself. Normally, each match will have a maximum time of 20 minutes.

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It can be said that not any video game is harmful to players, especially intellectual games. There are few reasons why this game is worth playing:

Improved many skills

Surely those who have experienced FF, they will draw a lot of lessons for themselves. It can be said that FF helps players be more cautious, more careful, have a reasonable and effective gameplay, have a specific and clear plan, as well as improve teamwork skills when playing in a team.

Download now Garena Free FireDownload now Garena Free Fire to fight with friends!

Exchange, make new friends

Garena Free Fire is a place to exchange and fight together to survive, so working with teammates creates a good relationship between players. In addition, it helps them to have many new friends from all over the world. And the interesting fact, many couple found each other in this gameplay. So, once you experience it, you might not be single anymore.

Entertainment after stressful minutes

Any game is entertaining, and so is FF. Winning, getting a lot of loot, making new friends, increasing levels, ... helps players relieve stress after times of boredom or fatigue. However, always winning is not a game anymore, is it?

Tips to shoot Garena Free Fire become more proficient

There are some tips which will help you increase the chance surviving throughout the gameplay. I will list some below, please check an try these stactics:

  • Crouch to avoid getting shot from shotgun
  • Set Auto Headshot mode when necessary
  • Sniper practice
  • Revive and heal at the same time
  • Practice hunting enemies in a narrow geographical area
  • Use grenades to attack the house
  • Detailed instructions on how to download the game to the device
  • Garena Free Fire is now available to experience or download on any device, including on PC.

Download FF (Free Fire) on Android

Step 1: Go to Google Play and search for Garena Free Fire.
Step 2: Click “Install” to download
Step 3: Click “Accept” to agree to the terms of the game.


Try to experience Garena Free Fire to conquer tough battles, to improve relationships, to stimulate thinking and relieve stress, maybe you will crush it? Wish you have a happy experience with Garena Free Fire!

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