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GTA San Andreas
App Name GTA San Andreas
Genre Action
Developer Rockstar Games
Size 57.3Mb
Latest Version 2.10
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update October 24, 2022 (5 months ago)

Description of GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is an action and adventure game in the virtual world. This is a game produced and released by Rockstar Games and is a game not to be missed by gamers. GTA San Andreas is also a game that receives a lot of love from players and members of this game must be called terrible. What are you waiting for without following the article below to discover more about GTA San Andreas.


GTA San Andreas - The best action adventure game of all time

GTA San Andreas is a very elaborately designed and invested 3D virtual world game. GTA San Andreas includes 3 large cities that are sketched true to life: Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas. There are also many countryside, deserts, forests and mountains. The content of the game revolves around the story of the return of leader Carl Johnson (abbreviated as CJ) and his gang called Grove Street Families with the aim of taking crime control to a new level.

GTA San Andreas is the eighth part of this action game, produced and released in 2004, with the first version. And after its launch, this game became the best-selling PS2 game. After that period of about a year, the manufacturer released a version of the game for Xbox and PC and a few years later released other versions for Mac, mobile devices and tablets. What are you waiting for without discovering this super hot action game right now.

Download GTA San Andreas Mod APK - discover the super exciting action game

With the APK mod version, after downloading the game you just need to click resume to play the game with unlimited money version. This is a great action game for mobile devices. With sharp graphics, attractive and realistic storyline that makes players love. So what are you waiting for without downloading GTA San Andreas game to play right away.

General introduction to GTA San Andreas

Here is some information about this famous action game.

GTA San Andreas game background


The game's background and plot are extremely seamless

GTA San Andreas is set in the game in the state of San Andreas including three cities as introduced above, which are Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas (cities in the United States of America).
The interesting thing about this game is that the plot of the game is based on true stories and happened in the past. That was the war between the Bloods and Crips gangs in 1992 about the riots and drug problems in the US at that time.

Game plot GTA San Andreas

In 1987, a gang leader known as CJ left Los Santos to escape a dark, dishonest life after witnessing his brothers being murdered. From there CJ moved to Liberty and had a new life.

But 5 years later, an incident happened to him, CJ received news that his mother was murdered, from which the family was broken and CJ's friends and brothers were also in danger. When returning home to attend the funeral of his late mother, CJ is threatened by two policemen with murder cases if they do not help them complete the illegal cases. And from there he returned to his old life, becoming the leader of San Andreas, forming his own gang called the Grove Street Families to control the city and find the person who killed his mother.

Advantages of the game GTA San Andreas

What advantages does the game have, stay tuned to the end of the article.


GTA San Andreas is based on previous gameplay like GTA Vice City or Grand Theft Auto III and creates the current version of gameplay. Players need to role-play and act from a 3rd person perspective. Players do things like racing, shooting, ... and there are many things in 3 cities for players to explore on their own.
Players need to complete the game mission that the system gives then can open a new screen or a new storyline. The tasks include such as going to the place required by the system, meeting many characters in the game, receiving work contracts, stealing cars, killing people, ... these are the jobs that mafia gangs usually do. Or if you don't follow the game requirements, the player also has the right to do what he wants such as walking around three cities, stealing expensive cars to go out and attack, teasing the police or civilians.

And gunfights on the street are quite common in the game. But if you kill people in the street or cause street disturbances, the police will immediately be present. If the player commits a more serious crime, the player may be wanted, at which time there will be the participation and involvement of the FBI and the task force.

In addition, if you want, you can also break into people's houses to steal money, ... this way also makes you more money in the game.

The car according to the player's liking

Most of the cars in GTA San Andreas can change the appearance as well as the sound, which is often called the car. Players can change the color of the car, engine, wheels, shock absorbers, .... customize according to the preferences and needs of the player to easily implement work contracts in the game.

Vivid sound and graphic design


Here players can join the gang as they like

This game's graphics are designed quite elaborately with 3D graphics with high resolution, true, sharp and vivid images. The three cities in the game are recreated as in real life with shopping malls, banks and many people on the streets.

The sound of the game in this season has been more developed than last season. There was only one song in the previous season, but in this season many songs are played through the radio, restaurant, and in-game radio system.


Above is information about GTA San Andreas game for players who love adventure and adventure. Hope that the article will be useful for you. Wish you will have moments of entertainment with GTA San Andreas.

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