Pixel Gun 3D mod + apk 22.4.0 Unlimited Money/Gems/ESP

Pixel Gun 3D
App Name Pixel Gun 3D
Genre Action
Developer Pixel Gun 3d
Size 101.5MB
Latest Version 22.4.0
Mod info Unlimited Money/Gems/ESP
Update September 17, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of Pixel Gun 3D

Get lost in the dramatic shooting world with Pixel gun 3d. The game offers all the quintessence of all three of the most popular game markets in the world today. In addition to the advantage of creating vivid and sharp graphics like Minecraft, the game also owns the Fortnite fighting genre to survive in harsh conditions, shooting from the first perspective or shooting Counter Strike with a different perspective. three-dimensional extremely vivid.

pixel gun 3d mod apk android

Pixel Gun 3D - Extremely attractive Pixel shooter game

Coming to pixel gun 3d, players will experience many attractive and interesting modes in the game such as Battle Royale or Team Fight, ... attractive and attractive.

The game belongs to the action game genre with dramatic and thrilling shooting phases. With 3D mode, gamers can experience in a special colorful game world, like being lost in the real game world.

The publisher of a reputable game for Android is pixel gun 3d and Cubic games is for IOS, the game was released for a long time (2013), however, up to now, it still retains the same hotness as the original. even more developed.

Access to the game is completely free, so be careful with the game sites that ask for a surcharge, it is definitely a scam site. Should choose the right website of the game to access to play.

Many different genres are waiting for gamers to experience here with clear, beautiful interfaces. The characters designed in the game are humorous and witty, evoking the love and enticing gamers to play with the game.

The sound of gunfire in each shot is also one of the factors that add to the excitement of playing the game.

Download Pixel gun 3d Mod Apk- explore the dramatic shooting game in the game world

When participating in the game, players will have the opportunity to participate in experiencing extremely special and interesting modes here, known and loved by many players, are the outstanding modes below. Gamers can completely change the location of the match depending on their preferences and inspiration in all three modes.

pixel gun 3d mod apk

There are 3 game modes for players to choose from

Team fight mode

In this mode, pixel gun 3d players can choose from up to 35 different map types. In it, each map will be divided into 2, one side will be for singles and the other side will be for team battles.

There are 18 large-sized maps, located in size XL, 12 medium-sized maps in size M and the remaining 5 maps with small sizes in size S. Here, gamers will coordinate With 4 players left to destroy the opponent, there are more than 3 minutes to fight. The team that will win is the team that kills more opponents.

Battle Royale mode

In this mode, players can only choose one of two maps, mainland with a larger size, or Small Isle with a smaller size. Each map will be divided into 2, one side is for single play and the other is for team play.

There are more than 100 players participating in each game. Gamers will be on a plane and parachute to the place they want, loot items to become stronger.

DeathMatch mode

Each game will have a lot of players participating in this mode. Gamers will fight alone, self-reliant without any teammates on their side. Try to defeat the most opponents, you will be the winner. In this mode, there are 22 maps, including 8 XL size maps and 9 M size maps and % S size maps.

Equip Weapons

With the initial battles, gamers will be fully equipped with tools such as armor, basic guns. Later, players will use their gold or diamonds to upgrade those types of equipment or buy new equipment sets.

At pixel gun 3d, there are more than 200 types of weapons and different types of guns equipped such as flamethrowers, snipers, machine guns,... spoiled for choice.

How to collect weapons

Gamers can collect weapons through the puzzle pieces. However, to be able to collect requires a lot of pieces to become a permanent item. Gamers will search for puzzle pieces in treasure chests through daily bonus spins.

In addition, it is also possible to collect gold through 10 mini games organized like Racing or Arena with extremely easy to understand and winning rules. Another way to collect gold is to join the Boss Raid, this way it is best for players to accompany their friends to be able to win more easily.

pixel gun 3d mod

Join and invite your friends to experience this fascinating shooting game!


With many different interesting game modes and interesting things and dramatic game battles, pixel gun 3d has attracted countless young people who love shooting to participate. So, what is there to worry about without hurrying to join the battle with us right away.

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