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Grand Theft Auto IV
App Name Grand Theft Auto IV
Genre Action
Developer Rockstar
Size 229.0MB
Latest Version 1.0
Mod info OFFLINE
Update March 21, 2023 (6 days ago)

Description of Grand Theft Auto IV

Come to Grand Theft Auto IV to experience a survival legend. The game attracts players and is the most popular name in the online entertainment world with unique gameplay and an extremely attractive game plot and extremely eye-catching graphics.

The game opens up for gamers a completely new and interesting world, this is a place with many political elements, filled with calculations, intrigues and you need an extremely intelligent calculation mind. when joining access at this game.Grand Theft Auto IV belongs to the genre of dramatic action adventure games, role-playing characters and experiences in an open world.

Grand Theft Auto IV mod apk android

Grand Theft Auto IV - The #1 hit role-playing game in the world

With vivid and realistic 3D graphics, players will have the opportunity to experience two hot hit game modes, single and Co-op. Do not worry about the reputation of the game because the game is under the strict control of the publisher Rockstar Games - one of the giants of the online entertainment industry around the world.

Although the game has been released for a long time, however, the hot hit of Grand Theft Auto IV is undeniable.

Up to the present time, the more gamers feel excited and play the game every day, the number of access to the game increases rapidly. Under the Microsoft Window platform, you can freely download games to your computer without fear of jerky and lag problems.

Gamers can also access the Steam app to download games at extremely attractive prices.

Download Grand Theft Auto IV Mod Apk- explore the mysterious underworld

With an extremely attractive plot, Niko - a veteran from Eastern Europe, is on his way to Liberty City by the giant cargo ship Platypus, with the aim of forgetting his past full of sins.

He wants to follow the American Dream and track down those who betrayed his team in a war ten years ago.

When he meets his cousin Roman again, he discovers that Roman's wealth is just a label to cover up the shabby apartment he lives in, the company is on the verge of bankruptcy, in debt. money piled up and animosity with the usurers.

From there, Niko begins to help Roman solve those problems, leading him into the criminal world in that city.

Play the game Grand Theft Auto IV

Players will have the opportunity to experience unique game modes here, not found in any other game. Let's find out more about this hot and attractive game.


Grand Theft Auto IV mod apk
Own gameplay with the ultimate third-person perspective

As a third-person action game, like its predecessors, gamers will be playing the role of the character Niko. With the rules of the game are quite easy to understand, simple, players will quickly complete the assigned tasks to continue the content of the game.

In addition to completing the main tasks assigned, gamers can explore the open world of the game by moving around Liberty City to search or perform optional missions. Up to 32 players can work together to complete missions or become rivals.

Quests at Grand Theft Auto IV

With the number of missions up to more than 90 missions for players to experience, it will never be possible to get bored with the extremely interesting missions in the game. The time to complete the mission ranges from 25-45 hours depending on the skills that the player has accumulated.

The mission system that you will have to perform includes: Arriving at the location, chasing the target, escaping from the police, robbing a bank, ...

Sometimes, the missions will be repetitive, however, that does not reduce the fun of the game with the variety of each mission location or the many different types of opponents.

One of the game's most impressive touches is the more ethical choices. In some missions, gamers can choose one of two options: kill and spare the enemy. The scenes at each mission are not only cinematic but also help the characters shine brightly.

Characters in Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV mod

Accompany the character and do quests to earn a lot of money!

In addition to the outstanding protagonist Niko, the game also has 5 more friends who will accompany him throughout his journey:

  • Roman Bellic - cousin of Niko Bellic, who always aspires to pursue the American dream.
  • Little Jacob- is a brother of the Bellic family, a Jamaican arms and drug dealer.
  • Patrick McReary, a character who frequently accompanies Niko on popular quests.
  • Lucie Kibbutz - who participates in side quests such as racing, car theft.
  • And finally, old man Dwayne Forge, a notorious gangster.


With improvements and innovative touches, Grand Theft Auto IV has brought gamers to a true underground world with unsolved mysteries. Please come to this interesting game right away.

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