DEAD TARGET 4.103.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Genre Action
Developer Vng Game Studios
Size 144.4Mb
Latest Version 4.103.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update March 22, 2023 (1 days ago)

Description of DEAD TARGET

DEAD TARGET Mod Apk is one of the zombie games that gamers should not ignore. The game has an FPS genre and 3D graphics that help players experience the game like in real life. In addition, players can invite friends to play through Multiplayer or Single-player mode if playing alone.

Download Dead target mod apk for free android

The game is created by the publisher VNG completely for free and players just need to make sure that they are over 17 years old to be able to play. Besides, DEAD TARGET Hack can also be played on many different devices very conveniently.

The plot in this game is somewhat more virtual than in many other games. Specifically, there is a company that has failed to study people to become healthy. After that, the test participants mutated, lost their core, became more bloodthirsty and began to search for humans to spread the disease quickly.

And that's when the dark age of man appeared when in a matter of seconds, the whole world was engulfed in flames and countless bloodthirsty zombies. Only a few survivors have gathered and you will play as one of them and the others side by side to destroy all the zombies.

After a while of fighting with your teammates, one by one, you will lie down and you will hold the mission of the whole world. Next, join directly to experience the game for more details by downloading below.

A free game with many advantages

Although it is a completely free experience game, the features that DEAD TARGET: Zombie possesses are all worth-for-money features such as:

Top notch graphics and sound

Graphics are invested very carefully 3D super sharp and realistic looks very similar to reality. The sound is top-notch as you can hear every roar as well as the chewing of a group of zombies. Combining both of the above factors will help gamers see a space that is no different from standing in front of a bunch of zombies.

In addition, the effect that the game dead target mod apk unlimited diamonds possesses is also considered the most terrible of all zombie hunting games ever.

Simple gameplay, suitable for many players

The gameplay is very simple, players just need to move according to the instructions of the game and complete all the tasks that the game has given before. While on the mission, you try to kill as many zombies as possible.

When you have killed zombies to a certain number, you will complete the achievement and receive many great gifts including powerful modern equipment and accessories.

Eye-catching diverse arsenal

Players will have the opportunity to own a lot of beautiful guns and fight side by side in the fight against zombies. When going to the battlefield, players will be able to carry 2 types of weapons, which are the main weapon and the secondary weapon to support teammates.

The main weapons include rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, ... To own one of those weapons you need to kill zombies to receive bonuses or receive from completing missions. service and the given issuer.

Many zombies with different characteristics are very rich

There are several small types and there are also multi-purpose extra-large sized zombies that can crush you easily. Depending on the zombie's appearance so that players can know their special skills.

Here are some zombies possessing extremely strong special skills: Speed ​​zombies with very high speed when running back to you, extremely strong zombies,... Especially zombie bosses can hunt because of hunting. chase you and get mad violently violent.

Configure the necessary devices to play the game

To be able to experience the game with a comfortable mood, players need to prepare some configurations at the devices they are using so that it is just enough to suit the game.

On ANDROID devices, players only need 3.0 or higher to experience the game DEAD TARGET Mod Apk, and on iOS, players need up to 9.0 or higher.

However, with that configuration, it is still too comfortable compared to good games worth experiencing. Moreover, your device will not get hot when experiencing the game for a long time, helping to protect the gamer's device more.


Install the game DEAD TARGET: Zombie Apk Mod now to experience many of your favorite features and modes with your close friends.

The publisher assures players that they will not be disappointed when trusting and choosing this game as a place to entertain and enjoy it during the holidays.

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