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Heroes Strike
App Name Heroes Strike
Genre Action
Developer Wolffun
Size 150.1MB
Latest Version 522
Mod info Unlocked/Free Shopping
Update September 21, 2022 (4 months ago)

Description of Heroes Strike

Heroes Strike is one of the rare games with survival and gunfight gameplay, but it takes up very little space on the player's device. This is a game with action genre and attractive gameplay besides simple 2D graphics.

heroes strike apk
Heroes Strike - The hottest survival shooter game of all time

This game was released by the publisher WolfFun from Vietnam at the end of 2019 and players can experience it for free. Studio WolfFun is famous for creating entertaining games in a short amount of time. This is certainly a must for those who have so little time to entertain themselves.

When entering the game, the player will join his 3 teammates to fight with 4 other players on the other side and determine victory or defeat right at that fierce match. The team that wins is the team that earns more stars from their skills.

Star is a unit in the game Heroes Strike that determines the winning team by finding which team has more stars in that match. The way to earn stars is very simple, the player and his teammates try to destroy the enemy as many times as possible to accumulate as many stars.

It sounds very simple, but players have to go through a lot of practice to be able to master the gameplay as well as set up a lot of strategies for themselves. But first, let's find out more information about this Heroes Strike game below!

Download Heroes Strike mod APK - extreme brawl shooting game

Besides the attractive gun battle, the system as well as the diverse experience when fighting in the game is equally attractive to many other players.

Easy to play, easy to manipulate, suitable for novice players

Surely gamers will easily recognize the movement buttons on the left-hand side and attack on the right-hand side like any other game. Not only that, if you still don't know, there will be a list of specific instructions when you just download the game to your computer. That will help new players a lot in getting used to the game early.

The number of characters and character skills is more and more diverse

In combat, when the player destroys an enemy, it will give a lot of experience to upgrade his character and learn many other powerful new skills. Each character will possess a different set of skills that players can comfortably use.

The characters will be divided into many different schools, corresponding to each skill set suitable to the character's nature such as gunner, blocker, mage, .... That will help you have more tactics to create a richer playing field.

Flexible and refreshing game modes

New and very modern gameplay

There are up to 4 game modes in the game Heroes Strike that players can experience with friends.

1vs1 mode, also known as solo, is a mode where the player will play against another player without any teammates supporting and standing shoulder to shoulder. The strength of this mode is to help you entertain in a short period of time.

The 2vs2 modes, also known as dual, 3vs3, 4vs4 are modes that players can play with friends. In addition, in these modes gamers can experience a lot of other attractions no less than the solo mode above.

Besides, in the future this game will develop and be upgraded with many other entertainment modes to help you relax comfortably in this game.

Regular events for players to experience

In addition to events from the holidays, at Heroes Strike, there are many other events taking place every day and week at the homepage waiting for you to join. Will include a lot of big and small events spread over the weekdays. In addition, gamers also receive a lot of completely free rewards when participating.

Conditions to join Heroes Strike completely free

To join the game with your friends, you need to be at least 12 years old to be able to participate. In addition, the player's device must have a sufficient configuration compared to the standard set out very simply.

For ANDROID devices, gamers only need version 5.0 or higher to be able to participate.

As for iOS devices, gamers who need version 9.0 and above will join Heroes Strike completely free and suitable!

In addition, players should also choose for themselves places with strong wifi as well as quiet to be able to communicate easily and happily with the friends they are playing with.

Make yourself a Squad and have fun today!!
Make yourself a Squad and have fun today!!


Through the information about the APK Heroes Strike game that we have given above, we hope that you will have a great time while experiencing the game.

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