Grand Theft Auto V mod 1.08 Port PC to Android

Grand Theft Auto V
App Name Grand Theft Auto V
Genre Action
Developer Rusergames
Size 17.7MB
Latest Version 1.08
Mod info Port PC to Android
Update September 15, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is also known as GTA V for short. Is one of the best-selling games from 2013 until now. GTA V has been welcomed by a large number of players nationwide since the early days of its launch. In the first quarter of 2013, always ranked at the top of the best selling games in the market.

With first-person and third-person gameplay, it has created pleasure for all players. By exploiting real events in real life, miniaturizing the game world has created a very real game world, taking players from one attraction to another. Let's immerse in the beauty of GTA V with us.


Grand Theft Auto V is set in Los Santos

Following the success of the game of the same title in the previous version, after 5 years of waiting, the publisher Rockstar Games has launched the best Grand Theft Auto V game in 2018. Including genres from Action, Role - play, Open World, FPS, TPS owns super smooth 3D graphic design.

This game is only for people aged 17 and over and has a single player mode, free online for gamers to choose as they like. But this version is still limited in devices, only released on the Windows 7 game platform and above, PS3. Xbox 360…

Until now, the price to buy this game has been reduced to half, the price is exactly 459,000 VND. In order to attract a large number of gamers to play, inspiring that the publisher has offered the most appropriate price possible so that players can delight with their passion.

Download Grand Theft Auto V Mod Apk - Play as a real gangster

GTA V game builds 3 main characters that are Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Each character plays a separate function that supports each other to fight the enemy and the police force. Gamers can alternately join 1 of 3 characters to support each other, join hands to fight those guys in the city of Los Santos.

Features of the game Grand Theft Auto V

If it exists until now, it is certain that GTA V will possess the following outstanding features:

Miniature real world

The game is set in the city of Los Angeles from the United States in miniature into the extremely realistic Grand Theft Auto V game world. Molded from skillful design hands, a meticulous, creative design has been built and brings players to a very real world.

Realistic role-playing from different perspectives

The game is equipped with an intelligent software system to bring players  to different perspectives of each character. In the first person perspective, you can look directly at the object you want to see. The third-person perspective will give gamers a broader and more comprehensive view of the game.

Mission in the game


The missions here are very attractive to players

In this game, players have to perform tasks from easy to difficult, attracting all the focus to the characters. But not because it is too much, so it is diluted, but at each mission there will always be a link for each character, each event is arranged. So don't give up halfway, gamers, it's going to be a sweet fruit.

Create an attractive atmosphere

Coming to this game, players not only enjoy the exciting game but also perform tasks with "super huge" gifts from the game house. With tasks such as robbing a bank, starting a rich business, driving a car ... the attractive names have attracted all gamers in large numbers to play.

Update reincarnation

To keep up with the times and the needs of players, this game is always updated continuously. Always bring novelty to players by special features. Updating from the game to the mission with the gifts that   worked hard is not easy at all.

Online game titles

Grand Theft Auto V is an online game that always achieves the largest number of titles nationwide. Gamers only need to connect to the network to enjoy the unique game here at any time. What are you waiting for, download it right away.

Outstanding features at Grand Theft Auto V


Countless outstanding features only available in the game

  • Mysteries in the game: the publisher will add mysterious events without informing the player. In order to create an attractiveness for the game, so that players have to think, learn carefully, speculate where it is.
  • Become a policeman, an ambulance guy, a firefighter... so that gamers can role-play in their own future profession.
  • In order to create creativity and eye-catching for players, the publisher has allowed players to add mods to make the game more diverse in terms of gameplay.
  • Money in gamers can be exchanged like real life, the more money you buy, the more valuable it is. Players can use money to buy houses, buy cars, buy ... to serve the needs in the game.
  • At this game door, players  will be immersed in the graphic design of each character, every corner of the street at the top of the peak. Bring gamers to a surreal world from this game.


The above article has helped players understand more about the most popular game of all time - Grand Theft Auto V. Having existed for 9 years, its features will not disappoint players even for a second. Let's go!

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