Cover Fire 1.23.28 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Cover Fire
App Name Cover Fire
Genre Action
Developer Genera Games
Size 335.5Mb
Latest Version 1.23.28
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update February 25, 2023 (3 weeks ago)

Description of Cover Fire

Cover Fire Mod Apk is a game made and developed by Genera Indie Games. Is a shooting game with extremely beautiful 3D graphics on the mobile platform. The game has been in development recently and now is the time for the publisher to give a test to help perfect the final version.

The game has long been a great choice for players who are passionate about "hot weapons" but cannot guarantee an online connection anytime, anywhere. And now, with a super product from the "big man" Genera Game, players will experience "dropping bullets" without needing the internet.

Download Cover Fire Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Cover Fire has always stood a high place in the hearts of many gamers through different eras. The game brings very special feelings for those who love action thrills. This is not only a place for entertainment but also a place for them to show off their inherent skills.

In particular, the 3D Touch feature in the game has also been improved a lot, promising to create a revolution in the line of shooting games on a very interesting mobile platform. Specifically, during aiming, players only need to touch lightly to aim and touch a little harder to discharge bullets at the enemy. Even players do not need to take their hands off the touch screen but can still perform easy aiming.

The plot in the game is quite interesting, talking about an evil force called Tetracorp who wants to dominate and dominate the planet. At this time, the player will transform into a resistance army trying to fight and regain peace for humanity. By alternately using the three main characters, each can use different weapons suitable for each of their missions.

Immediately experience the extremely interesting features only here

It is too attractive to be addicted to accurate aiming and become a legendary commander anywhere, even offline. Only Cover Fire can give players these top-notch experiences. So do not hesitate to immediately download this hot hit game to your computer.

Players just need to visit the app store, click download the game and install it right on their device. So you can join the battlefield at any time you want.

Note the player a bit, once the application has been successfully installed on the device, remember to create a login account for the player's superhero. And visit the tutorial for beginners, carefully read the role-playing instructions, the tasks to be completed by each level and the functions of the huge arsenal to use easily.

Instructions on how to play Cover Fire on mobile are extremely detailed

Cover Fire mod apk, to be precise, is a very unique war game, with an intuitive design that feels unbelievably realistic. Players will be the commander leading a detachment of mercenaries, passing through the lands occupied by Tetracorp. And make sure the gunman, along with his brigade, destroys the enemy, eliminating this danger to humanity.

cover fire mod apk

Form a team to join forces to fight the enemy

Use the player's huge arsenal of weapons with terrible war equipment such as armored tanks, cannons, impenetrable shields... to "release bullets" continuously at the enemy, and pave the way for the delegation. victorious army.

But keep in mind that it takes an effective war strategy and regular map check to control the battlefield, because the player is the most senior commander.

All that will not be difficult, when One Man Band has upgraded the 3D Touch feature in this game, players only need to touch lightly to aim and touch harder to be able to discharge bullets into the crowd of enemies. .

A new experience with the ultimate Cover Fire

Cover Fire mod apk this is one of the leading games of offline mobile shooter today. At the app stores this is the game with the second highest downloads. Sharp and magical 3D graphics are highly appreciated by players.

In particular, players will be able to experience the most convenient tools when becoming a great leader.

The newest unique shooting experience 2022

cover fire mod

Let's play the role of a hero to kill evil people

Players will become a supreme commander, directing an all-out war against the evil Tetracorp forces. Use all weapons such as grenades, cannons, firecrackers to fight, and train to be the most effective sniper on the battlefield.

Huge arsenal with amazing equipment

Surely, players will be fascinated by weapons such as pistols, rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenades ... the player is the commander, who has the right to decide on the distribution. That supreme arsenal to gain the advantage on the battlefield for yourself.

Set up your own invincible army, with the top skills of the top such as sniper, bomb, hacker ... become the pioneers on the way to unlock and conquer the most unique legendary characters.


All of the above information has been outlined in great detail. Thereby, the player must have had a basic understanding of Cover Fire. Download Cover Fire Mod Apk now to have the best experience from the game!

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