Zooba 3.41.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Sprint Skills) Download

App Name Zooba
Genre Action
Developer Wildlife Studios
Size 215M
Latest Version 3.41.3
Mod info Unlimited Sprint Skills
Update November 26, 2022 (3 months ago)

Description of Zooba

Zooba Mod Apk is the game you are looking for. This game will take you to a zoo with many lovely animals and fight with each other. The final task is to find the winner.

Zooba is a mobile game genre survival released by MOBA. This game allows players to interact with many other players. Coming to the virtual world, you will be able to choose the animals in the game such as lions, tigers, leopards, ... extremely strong, lovely, funny and cute.

Download Zooba Mod Apk for android

Zooba apkZooba is really attractive and attractive as rumored?

Each animal will carry a unique skill to create a special highlight. For example, geckos have the ability to transform to hide from enemies, chimpanzees can jump overhead and stun enemies within range.

We can see that the way to play Zooba has many similarities with PUBG Mobile. It is the narrow circles, bushes, and things that block the way. It would be wise for you to choose to land in a place where there are few opponents, which will make it easier to collect weapons and items, less opponents.

When moving around the map, you must pay attention to pick up higher upgrade items for each weapon to increase the power of equipment to upgrade the fighting ability to eliminate other brothers. The strategy of hiding in the bushes is also used to take down unexpected opponents when the view is obscured.

Explore the Gameplay

If you have played games like PUBG, mobile Fortnite or other battle royale games, you must already know about the winning mechanism. If not, here are the details:

  • When you press the battle button, the game will take you to the preparation screen. On the map, you will find items such as bows and arrows, shield items, health packs, guns, etc.
  • If you want to be the only one, you must survive to the end. This area will shrink as the game progresses. All characters have companions to help during the match.

To survive longer in the game, you will need to learn about the characters to make the characters stronger. All the characters in the game possess impeccable skills.

The tips to win Zooba

Follow us for a quick reference:

Start hunting for the spoils

After pressing the battle button, the game will display a map. At that time, you can check your current position and the enemy's. If there are many other players around, then move somewhere else. Remember, you only have a little time to do so.

To move before the battle, you just need to touch the area on the map that you want to move. Starting on an empty area guarantees easy loot; health kits, select weapons, and more.

zooba characters

Diverse characters for players to freely choose

Killing other players for better loot

Once you're fully armed, try taking out a target. First, check the target's level. If it is lower than your team or equal then try to fight. But why should you do this?

Because the Zooba game offers better items or loot when you kill a player. For example, materials, shields, health packs to create defensive objects, etc.

Smart fighting

While fighting, your goal should be to deal maximum damage to the enemy and dodge his attacks. Pay attention to the direction of the attack, the opponent's movements; attack range, etc. and move accordingly. Don't stop at, keep moving and attack while moving.

Get the most out of the characters

You must choose your character wisely when playing Zooba. Read the character's active and passive skills in detail in the profile. Also, detailed statistics.

You must use active skills wisely. Because it has a cooldown effect. During the cooldown, you will not be able to use it.

Upgrade your character so you can last longer and kill more players. The higher the rank, the more titles and better loot you will receive.

Equip the character with items. Items that bring passive effects to the character such as: use automatic health packs, increase speed, attack range, etc. In the profile it is on the left side, below the name and title index. Click on the empty or locked item boxes.

zooba game modesJoin and experience all the extreme play genres only at Zooba


Zooba not only owns a unique gameplay system but also has an extremely funny and lovely animal world. Currently, this game is released for free on both iOS and Android, if you want to try it, download it now.

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