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Last Day on Earth
App Name Last Day on Earth
Genre Action
Developer Kefir
Size 805.1Mb
Latest Version 1.20.3
Mod info MOD Menu
Update February 28, 2023 (3 weeks ago)

Description of Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth is a fighting game reminiscent of Diablo's style, but set in the fight with the Zombie pandemic. This is a survival game developed by studio Kefir! manufacturing. Although this game is still in beta stage, but because of its many attractive features, it has attracted a huge number of players.

Last Day on Earth currently does not have a specific plot, players can imagine the following: you will be placed in the context of a zombie pandemic and by all means must survive based on your 2 hands with the ability to survive. the ability to collect, loot, and create.

Because the game is in beta development, so the online play function is still not working. Although NPH's plan is to build an online game, it actually exists as an offline game that can be played anytime, anywhere without an Internet connection.

Last Day on Earth mod apk android

Last Day on Earth - Play like it's your last day alive

It can be said that Last Day on Earth is an extremely interesting game, even many gamers think that by turning off the online play feature, players can enjoy the game's survival world slowly without being interrupted. harassment by many other players as well as advertisements. At least your house is not taken away by the neighbors, that's good.

Let's find out the special features and discover the new fighting style through the following article!

Download Last Day on Earth Mod Apk - Explore Diablo Zombie Fighting game

Join us to discover the unique highlights only at Last Day on Earth. Surely this game will not disappoint everyone.

Eye-catching graphics, attractive sound

The first impression for players is probably the extremely familiar diagonal view of previous Diablo versions. Last Day on Earth is designed with vivid 3D graphics. It would be unfair to compare Last Day on Earth to Diablo 3 because, after all, this game is just a new game appearing on the mobile platform that can compete with a famous game for PC.

That's not to say that Last Day on Earth's graphics are bad. The game presents a beautiful post-apocalyptic world in an excellent way when conveyed through sharp graphics, shadow effects. It can be said that in terms of graphics, the game is not inferior to famous, quality online games on the market.

In addition, the sound of the game is made quite well with unique sound effects and new noises when fighting or opening and closing doors are made in a very realistic and interesting way. Because Last Day on Earth focuses on survival elements, the background music is also somewhat quiet, and there is almost no background music in the game.

Base building is fun

Last Day on Earth has an interesting mechanism that makes you quickly start building your base. According to the description, players or opponents can completely come to your house to "pick up" the landlord to rob.

Therefore, you must build a very tight wall to have a card to protect the valuable inventory that you collect. On the other hand, every 24 hours there is a wave of zombies that will attack your house and make sure that the weak and rudimentary walls will be completely demolished, this time your house will be punctured and this is the opportunity. It's very easy for others to run into the "smell".

Last Day on Earth mod apk

Build a solid base to avoid "uninvited guests"

To fight off all those uninvited zombies or resourceful neighbors, you must solidly upgrade the wall, then set traps around your base. All of these will be crafted at high levels and require refined materials. Therefore, the game always puts pressure on you as well as other opponents to level up quickly and learn important recipes to survive.

Surviving is never easy

As we have introduced, it is so difficult to protect your home, so players also need to know that it is not easy for the character to survive. Each character has 4 basic stats: HP, hunger, thirst, and physical strength. If you don't clash with enemies, HP will stay the same but they will be hungry and thirst will drop over time.

To avoid losing your life, you will have to prioritize finding things that can provide water and food first, so that you don't die of hunger. Last Day on Earth also offers a variety of ingredients for this, from wild berries to strawberry tea, or from wild wolf meat to grilled meats and stinky foods like canned goods and water bottles found in remnants left over.

Last Day on Earth mod

Equip advanced weapons to protect yourself

Weapons are also a constant problem or worry for many gamers, players can make their own weapons because the game allows but it requires a lot because the materials are quite difficult to find, the damage items are not very high. . In return, if you work hard to rummage, you will definitely find a lot of good weapons such as crowbars, golf swings, guns.

However, in the Mod version, players do not need to worry much about hunger or weapon problems. Because the game has been Mod full of hunger points, thirst points, as well as full options for many genuine weapons.


Although it is in beta, Last Day on Earth is still open to everyone to play, not blocking the area or banning downloads like some other "unpleasant" games. Thanks to that, Last Day on Earth has attracted more than 1.3 million high reviews from players. Join and experience now!

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