Kick the Buddy mod + apk 1.5.5 Unlimited Money/Gold

Kick the Buddy
App Name Kick the Buddy
Genre Action
Developer Playgendary
Size 102.6Mb
Latest Version 1.5.5
Mod info Unlimited Money/Gold
Update October 24, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Kick the Buddy

Kick the Buddy is an action game developed by Playgendary, which is an extremely effective psychological relief therapy for people who are under pressure after a long tiring day at work.

Basically Kick the Buddy is not a new game, but it is because of the effective stress-relieving gameplay of the game that has captured the attention of many people

Stepping into the game Kick the Buddy will bring you to a tied doll and here you can have a thousand ways plus dozens of different accessories to allow you to imagine the shape of the character you hate. at the same time you can vent your anger on it.

Kick the Buddy - An extremely effective stress reliever game

Possessing beautiful graphics, realistic physical interaction, the game also provides a lot of interesting toys for players from simple items such as balls, paint cans to heavy weapons such as radioactive boxes. , bombs, missiles or even the presence of carnivorous plants, dinosaurs... to paint a chaotic battle picture.

Kick the Buddy is a game that generally requires no skill or experience. If players are having psychological problems or are looking for a simple game to reduce stress, Kick the Buddy is a great choice.

With its simple, fun Kick the Buddy has captured the hearts of many players.

Download Kick the Buddy Mod APK - Discover the interesting things of Kick the Buddy.

Kick the Buddy is a fun alternative to stress relief. With the items that you are provided with, you can freely torture your puppet. Want to give your puppet a bomb or get punched all of that is only available in Kick the Buddy.

This is a great option for those who are often stressed or under pressure at work. And here are the special things that make this interesting game:

Reduce stress with Buddy

People get stressed and angry sometimes the only thing you can do right now is find something that gives you this energy release. For many people, gaming is a healing and easy way to relieve stress. Kick the Buddy is a great choice.

Coming to Kick the Buddy, you can freely use punches, bombs ... on a virtual punching bag. From there, players can release all their stress.

Buddy graphics and premise

Kick the Buddy is a mere premise. When you start the game show you just need to unbox unbox Buddy Buddy. Then a talking and walking doll will appear. In his toolbox the player can use weapons to hurt Buddy.

Players can completely choose weapons such as chainsaws or frying pans or even a giant robot depending on their preferences.

You can do whatever with Buddy you like

The premise of the game is a little punchy and violent, you can make it more realistic by adding blood. However, this will make it more like a horror cartoon than a violent punching joke, and will scare off parents who want their kids to stay away from the game.

The graphics of the game are quite good. The characters, weapons and environment are combined quite respectively. Although it is just an animated game, the interface of the games is at a good and appropriate level. The more Buddy is hurt, the more his appearance will change, which is a designer's creation.

The sound effects are relatively good and it makes the player much more satisfied, but Buddy's repetitive voice makes some players feel somewhat uncomfortable.

As a game with the purpose of reducing stress, such interface and sound effects are quite good and do not disappoint players.

Performance issues

Kick the Buddy is a fairly simple game, so it doesn't require great performance because its main purpose is to reduce stress, so just seamless performance can satisfy the requirements of the player.

Unfortunately, the game is prone to lag, but the manufacturer has tried to overcome this situation and give players the best experience.

How to download and install the Apk version of Kick the Buddy

With the way to download Kick the Buddy to the device is relatively simple. You can follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Search for Kick the Buddy Apk version on the Google toolbar.
  • Step 2: Click on the link provided above
  • Step 3: Click install and download
  • Step 4: Wait for the installation process to complete, click on the Kick the Buddy icon and start the game.
Let's quickly relieve the pressure with Buddy


The above article has provided you with some information about the game Kick the Buddy. Hope the players after reading this article will find Kick the Buddy - a stress reliever game.



What is the point of Kick the Buddy?

Kick the Buddy is an app available on Apple Store and Google Play Store. The makers of the game say it is a way to relieve stress. Players use weapons on a puppet-like figure until the figure faints, explodes, or dies.

Can you play Kick the Buddy offline?

Yes, you can. You don't need an Internet connection to play Kick the Buddy. The game does not contain online activities so you can play the game in offline mode.

Is Kick the Buddy safe for my kids?

Due to its nature, Kick for Buddy is rated for users 12 years and older. Thus, it is advisable to monitoring your kids during the gameplay, or preventing them from playing if they are less than 12 years old.

Is Kick the Buddy multiplayer?

Unfortunately, Kick the Buddy is a single-player game, which means you cannot play with your friends via an Internet connection.

Can I play Kick the Buddy without ads?

At the time being, players will encounter many ads during the game. If you want an ads-free version, please wait for our future MODS. Another tricky method is that you can disable your Internet connection after logging into the game to prevent the ads from popping up.

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