Rope Hero: Vice Town mod + apk 6.4.7 Unlimited Money

Rope Hero: Vice Town
App Name Rope Hero: Vice Town
Genre Action
Developer Naxeex Llc
Size 106.3Mb
Latest Version 6.4.7
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update January 11, 2023 (3 weeks ago)

Description of Rope Hero: Vice Town

One thing is for sure that superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Iron Man in the Marvel universe are the age of many people. But have you ever imagined a superhero character with the synergy of Batman and Spider-Man? And if not, let's learn about the game below, it will definitely be interesting.

Rope Hero: Vice Town is released by Mine Games Craft - an attractive game that promises to give players a superhero character whose strength and qualities are converged from superheroes. above.

Besides, it is you who will be transformed into that character, try to fight and do the noble tasks of a superhero. Rope Hero: Vice Town will take you from one surprise to another. At the beginning of the game, you wake up and lie on the hood of a car in a superhero costume.

Everything happens so suddenly, you wonder who you are? And where are you? Characters in the game have no memories of the past. In your superhero costume and your inner strength, you become a superhero.

The main character's task is to rescue hostages, catch criminals and help people's lives in the city be peaceful. Then gradually the story will be revealed as you fight more. What are you waiting for without experiencing this game with Mod Apk version right away.


Experience the fascinating superhero game - Rope Hero: Vice Town

Download game Rope Hero: Vice Town Mod Apk version - Become a real superhero

With the Mod Apk version of this game you will get the feature of unlimited money, that is, you will receive an infinite amount of money when playing the game to be able to equip and buy additional items for the character without having to worry. about making money. Players only need to focus on combat purposes only.

The game Rope Hero: Vice Town belongs to the shooting action genre, so this is the place for you to show your inner bravery. Role-playing features combined with thrilling story elements bring new things to players. The war against crime and evil is going on and waiting for you to discover the truth. Quickly download the game now.


Download the game Rope Hero: Vice Town and fight the villains

Mission of a Superhero

This is a shooting action game, so in addition to giving players the story of this superhero character, the game also offers extremely attractive and eye-catching skills of hitting, punching, acrobatics. In the city, criminals and bad guys are disrupting order and disrupting neighborhood security, so the people in the street need your help.

You move the character to every location in the city by swinging the hook like spiderman shooting silk. Then complete the mission, destroy the bad guys in the city. With just a few punches, you can defeat normal thieves, but with bad guys, you have to use more moves to defeat them. In the game you can also make fun of the people and the police, but beware, the police will also want you.

Strength advancement

In the game Rope Hero: Vice Town, the character is not born to be a superhero, but because crime is increasing, you must use your inner strength to fight for society. When fighting, you will also meet dangerous gangsters, so use money to equip more combat weapons.

After completing the assigned task, you always receive gifts, maybe money. You use those gifts to upgrade yourself and your strength. Equip more weapons like machine guns, pistols, ... and fast moving vehicles while chasing bad guys.

Use a variety of modes of transportation


Diverse means of transportation in the game

In addition to swinging to move to the crime scene, you should also use the vehicle included in the game, it will help you a lot. Rope Hero: Vice Town offers a lot of vehicles for you such as BMW supercars, off-road vehicles, motos, ... in addition, there are military vehicles such as planes, helicopters, and tanks. Many different types of vehicles are suitable for many missions.

Graphics and sound

Rope Hero: Vice Town is an engaging action role-playing game that attracts players. The game has given players a realistic feeling by its extreme graphics and vivid sound. 3D images are designed very elaborately and thoroughly, players can see through the acrobatic images, fighting of the character. Vivid sound contributes to the authenticity, attracting players to this game.



Transform into a real superhero

Above is information about the game Rope Hero: Vice Town, an extremely interesting and attractive superhero action role-playing game. Give players a unique experience. Hope this article is useful to you and wish you have a great time.

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