Zombie Catchers mod + apk 1.31.2 Unlimited Money

Zombie Catchers
App Name Zombie Catchers
Genre Action
Developer Zombie Catchers
Size 80.1Mb
Latest Version 1.31.2
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update December 13, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Zombie Catchers

Zombie Catchers Mod Apk - a cult game that "storms" in the gamer community. This action game is developed and distributed by the publisher Deca Games. Inspired by the theme of zombies, people infected with strange viruses, losing consciousness, cannibalism, this game has received the support of a large number of players.

Coming to Zombie Catchers is coming to a new world that has never appeared in any game of the same genre before. Cowardly zombies, afraid of the main character's gun barrel. Use your power to find and destroy them as quickly as possible.

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Unlike other games that must be fiercely destroyed, in this game, they do not fight back, because they are cowardly zombies, and you are their biggest fear. Hiding underground, find them and clean them up. Set foot in new locations, sweep, clean all, destroy the root of these hideous monsters.


Play as a hero who specializes in cleaning up zombies at Zombie Catchers

Having said that, the success of Zombie Catchers is extremely large, and is determined by many factors. Not only has a good design team, the publisher has also invested a lot of brain and money into the game. In addition, being up-to-date, realizing that this topic is extremely hot is also a factor that makes the success more than doubled. As proof, over a hundred million downloads seem to further confirm its intense appeal.

Sharp graphics, detailed images, uniform colors combined with fun, realistic sounds like bringing players to a virtual space that is real, real and virtual, extremely attractive and attractive.

The zombie hunt is rising

The hunt in the game Zombie Catchers in the earth in the year 2050, when zombies are raging everywhere. However, they are the favorite juice of the aliens.

Thanks to their connections, merchants AJ and Bud set out to capture zombies with modern alien-supplied weapons. Not to save the world, the goal of the 2 main characters is to make a profit for themselves.

Rich map, many quests

Explore the map, start the adventure to hunt monsters, the gamer is taken to the first map, Swamp. With levels suitable for beginners, the games are not too difficult, mainly catching zombies quickly before letting them escape. The next maps with increasing difficulty will be opened when your level is higher and meet the requirements to open, including Beach, Snow, China Town and Lagoon.


Hunt zombies and bring home the loot

Hunting monsters

It's time to go on a mission to earn money. Catch zombies as fast as possible, meet enough requirements to increase the new level higher. With a harpoon, it is also possible to neatly deal with these cowards.

Faced with youkai in this Zombie Catchers, it is necessary to stay calm and keep a cool head. Use tricks to catch the monsters, and also be very careful not to fall into the machinations of the cunning half-man and half-demon.

Choose a good time to act

In the context of zombies occupying everywhere, finding them is extremely easy. In Zombie Catchers, if you want to catch a lot, a large number, the player should search for the lair they are hiding to catch in one go.

Disguised as professional hunters, tracking their every move, using lures to lure them out of the burrow. Planning is the right thing to do for a hunt. Catching monsters after coming out of the lair, they will hang upside down and fly into the air. At this point, teammates will take action to capture them.

Support device

In Zombie Catchers, there are many devices to make it easier for the character to catch monsters. Collect and own them for your hunting trips. Equipment, extras, drones, squeezers can be found in this thrilling adventure.


Discover crazy gadgets and own them

Players do not need to try to own the most advanced weapons, because the Mod has already modded all those modern weapons. Several modern, more advanced weapons like jetpack, net gun, tesla trap or tranquilizer are waiting for you. Instead, focus on upgrading them to help them work better, killing zombies a lot faster.

Wipe out the things that stand in the way

The higher the level, the more challenges that will hinder the gamer in the process of killing zombies, such as snakes or bats. Unfortunately, touching them will cause paralysis, so clearing them to clear the way is practical, and also earns a little more coins.

Use the gun to clean up the "loose" when playing Zombie Catchers. An open road will make the hunting journey easier than ever.

Zombie Catchers Mod Apk is an interesting game, highly entertaining, extremely attractive and attractive. When you're tired and stressed, but doing a game, it must be called an effective stress reliever, running out of sauce. Enjoy this exciting game with your family and friends.

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