Tanks A Lot! 4.802 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo) Download

Tanks A Lot!
App Name Tanks A Lot!
Genre Action
Developer Boombit Games
Size 158.7Mb
Latest Version 4.802
Mod info Unlimited Ammo
Update January 05, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of Tanks A Lot!

Tanks A Lot is an extremely fun tank shooting game for players who are passionate about this kind of game. This is one of the fighting games that is leading the Vietnamese game market because of the extremely interesting and new experiences that Tanks A Lot brings to the experience.

Tanks A Lot will be a hot name when it comes to every player because of the difference it brings, this is a tank shooting game not only for one player but also for many players. In the multiple player version, players will build, assemble as well as upgrade tanks from many different parts to fight with you on the battlefield and try to be the boss.

Tanks A Lot, also known as the great battle tank, is released by Highcore Labs LLC. After the release of the game, it has gained tens of millions of downloads because of its attractiveness such as thrilling combat gameplay, extremely diverse and rich tank and weapon systems, top-notch graphics, and amazing gameplay.

Tanks A Lot has three different modes such as PvP, 3vs3, solo. These modes will allow you to fight with friends into the fierce battlefield, the intense battles take players away from this emotional level. to another level of emotion. In the gameplay, let's fight together and apply the right tactics to win and most importantly, invest in your tank, install and upgrade it as an invincible mobile fortress, instilling fear in the enemy.

In addition, in Tanks A Lot, you can stand in the arena against your friends and others to become the strongest player, and dominate the game world by building new tanks from different sets. Different parts create a machine powerful enough to destroy opponents, thanks to the game, players can express their personality and unlimited creativity.

Download Tanks A Lot Mod APK - battle of deadly tanks

Build and upgrade your tank to participate in mortal battles

Gameplay of Tanks A Lot

During the gameplay, players can also customize their tanks as they like

The gameplay of Tanks A Lot is extremely simple, each match will last about 2 minutes. In the game, you will control a tank that you choose to go to war, there will be 2 teams of blue and red, 3v3, and then rush to fight with the other team.

Tanks A Lot has some basic game modes such as:

  • Deathmatch: in this mode, based on the number of lives that the player has to determine the winner and loser
  • Headhunter: headhunter mode, here every time you kill an opponent on the enemy team, the player will have an extra 1 star above his head, with a maximum of 7 stars and when he is killed, the number of stars will add up to the opposing team. At the end of the match, the team with the most stars will be the winner
  • Resource brawl: In Tanks A Lot, there will be an oil well in the center of the map and there will be oil tanks appearing around, 2 teams will both fight each other and rob these oil tanks, at the end of the match which team can get it. More oil will be the team that wins
    Tank-o-ball: In this mode, 2 teams will compete against each other with a round ball that has just fought, but the score will not be counted when killing people, but on the number of goals that the team scored into the team's net. On the other side, 2 teams will decide the winner and loser based on their number of goals
  • Battle royal: this is the fiercest, most intense mode of the game Tanks A Lot, in this mode will gather 10 solo players, control their tank and kill all who appear, will not There are teams and players who live longer, the more points and wins

All of these game modes are randomly selected by the Tanks A Lot game system, and at a certain time, about 3-4 game modes will be opened. Moreover, each game mode will have a few extra modes such as doing quests and picking up power-ups for a while. Another plus point that makes Tanks A Lot attractive is making friends with each other. together coordinate combat in the game

Realistic 3D graphics system, deeply impressed

Tanks A Lot will put players in a war between tanks with impressive graphics. The game is designed on a 3D platform with cheerful, bright and diverse colors that will make a strong impression on players. In addition, the image is also carefully invested, very sharp, high quality, so when playing on the phone will also bring the best experience for players.

Realistic, lively sound

Besides the outstanding graphics, Tanks A Lot also gives players the most realistic effects and sounds to every little detail, from the sounds of the tank engines to the sounds of gunfire and shooting. They will give players moments of real relaxation and fun.

System of tanks, modern weapons, diverse

It can be said in Tanks A Lot is a world with only tanks, the game has a huge, rich and other powerful weapon asensal, they are designed in a modern direction. Players can choose the tank they like to accompany with different designs and colors in addition to being able to equip more guns, bombs, .. for their tanks.


Tanks A Lot is really a game worth experiencing, hopefully through the above article has provided the most authentic information about this game. What are you waiting for without participating in the tank battle? Wishing you the victory

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