Arena Of Valor Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Menu) v1.54.1.7

Arena of Valor
App Name Arena of Valor
Genre Action
Developer Garena Mobile Private
Size 185.55MB
Latest Version 1.46.24
Mod info Unlimited Money, Menu
Price Free
Update July 12, 2024 (1 days ago)

Are you interested in finding the Lien Quan season 2 2024 Hack to play on your Android phone? Download the latest version of Apkmoday, this version provides a complete experience without worrying about network errors and is 100% safe. Let's explore the product in the guide below for a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience!

Introducing Arena of Valor Mod Apk

Arena of Valor Mod Apk is an international MOBA title developed by Timi-J6 Studios and Tencent Games. In Vietnam, the game is published by Garena Vietnam. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms and originates from Tencent Games' King of Glory, which was developed for the Chinese market.

Later, Tencent enhanced the character visuals in the game and handed it over to Garena for distribution in various markets such as Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, and expanded to Europe, Japan, and the United States. With the Hack Liên Quân version from Apkmoday, players will have a distinctly different gaming experience compared to the original version. Let’s explore this in the article!

Arena Of Valor Mod Apk
An international MOBA game

Gameplay of Arena of Valor Mod Apk 

Arena of Valor Mod Apk is a MOBA game released by Garena, inspired by the mobile version of League of Legends. This game offers the experience of participating in dramatic 5v5 matches, where players need to cooperate with teammates to destroy the opponent's main house.

Style play

In the game, players choose champions based on their roles and unique skills, choose equipment to increase their strength, and cooperate with teammates to take down the opponent's main tower. The variety of champion types requires good coordination and communication between team members to achieve victory.

Game mode

Arena of Valor Mod Apk Apk has a variety of game mode options, such as: 5v5, 3v3, 1v1, ranking, entertainment. Each mode has its own uniqueness and appeal, bringing players into many exciting new experiences and matches.

Instructions on how to play Arena of Valor Mod Apk Apk

Arena of Valor Mod Apk offers players many features and flexible ways to play. If you want to learn more about how to play, below is the guide for you

Log in

Create a new account using phone number, email or Facebook account. Enter personal information and choose a name, then you can log in to the game.

Select game mode

Lien Quan offers many different game modes, giving players a great, exciting playing experience. Depending on the mode, players will have exciting and dramatic battles.

Choose the general

Experience the champions and positions in the game to find the most suitable champion for yourself, play the way you want and win the match.

Get dressed

During battle, equip items to increase your hero's strength, equip more charms, skills, and items to fight more effectively.


In 1v1 battles, unleash your strength to win against your opponents without thinking much about tactics. But if you fight 3v3, 5v5, etc. you need to coordinate with teammates, equip carefully, and cooperate with each other to win.

Arena Of Valor Mod Apk
Play the way you want and win the match

MOD features of Arena of Valor Mod Apk

The version at Apkmoday provides many attractive mod features, giving players many advantages when playing the game.

Bright map

Grasping information about the positions of teammates, enemies, jungle monsters and buffs is an important skill that helps players clearly understand the match situation. This helps them make reasonable tactical decisions such as moving to gank, supporting teammates, farming jungle monsters or moving safely to avoid being ganked.

Hack menu

Invulnerability feature to avoid getting knocked down, forest monsters and charms even in fog, auto-target nearest target for easy takedowns, hack gold and gems to get free and upgrade champions, plus The ability to increase movement speed helps champions move faster. Arena of Valor Mod Apk brings a new experience to players.

Unlimited military emblems

In the Alliance, military emblems play a very special role, this version provides military emblems for you to freely use. Download Arena of Valor Mod Apk Quan Huy Apk to experience.

Why should you download the version? Arena of Valor Mod Apk at Apkmoday?

Apkmoday offers modded Android apps and games for absolutely free. Version Arena of Valor Mod Apk at Apkmoday offers many advantages compared to the original version and you can experience this game without spending any cost. 

Apkmoday commits that all download files are checked for safety to protect your device and always updated with the latest version for you to easily download. Arena of Valor Mod Apk about your phone.

Arena Of Valor Mod Apk
Military emblems play a very special role

Instructions on how to download Arena of Valor Mod Apk

You will find the latest version of Arena of Valor Mod Apk on Apkmoday with continuous updates. To avoid risks, only download games from this website and do not use other unreliable download sources. Follow the instructions below to download the game safely:

Step 1: Download the APK file

Please scroll down to the bottom of the article Arena of Valor Mod Apk hey, you will see the “Download” button, tap on it. After that, a list of the latest versions available at Apkmoday will appear, choose your favorite version and download it.

Step 2: Install the APK file

After the file is downloaded, perform the "Allow installation of applications from unknown sources" so that the application installation process on the device goes smoothly. Then, click on the download file Arena of Valor Mod Apk has been downloaded in your device, follow the instructions and press “Install”.

Step 3: Enjoy the game

When the loading process Arena of Valor Mod Apk installation is complete, click “Open”. Now, you can experience this great game completely for free!

Download now Arena of Valor Mod Apk Apk (Map Light, Menu, Military Command) v1.54.1.7 for Android!

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How to download Lien Quan Mobile?

You can download Lien Quan Mobile for free on Apkmoday

How to learn how to play Lien Quan Mobile?

There are many ways to learn how to play Lien Quan Mobile: In-game tutorial: When you start playing, Lien Quan Mobile will provide you with a basic tutorial on how to play. Guide videos: You can search for Lien Quan Mobile guide videos on YouTube or other websites.

What are the common mistakes when playing Lien Quan Mobile?

Choosing the wrong hero: Choosing a hero that doesn't fit your playstyle or team composition can put you at a disadvantage. Not building the right items: Not building the right items for your hero can make you weaker and easier to kill. Not communicating with teammates: Poor communication with teammates can lead to coordination mistakes and losses. Trying to carry the team: Trying to carry the team on your own when you're at a disadvantage usually leads to failure.

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