Free Fire MAX mod 2.93.1 Mega Menu

Free Fire MAX
App Name Free Fire MAX
Genre Action
Developer Garena International I Private Limited
Size 60.2Mb
Latest Version 2.93.1
Mod info Mega Menu
Update October 24, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Free Fire MAX

Free Fire Max is an action game that is known by many gamers in recent times. Free Fire Max is an upgraded and enhanced version of Free Fire, one of the most popular FPS Battle Royale Mobile games.

On December 7, 2020, Garena officially launched the Max version of Free Fire at the same time as Free Fire's Guardian Aura update. Up to now, the Free Fire Max version of Free Fire has been available in many regions. Including the name Vietnam. This update has brought a lot of interesting things for gamers to explore.


Free Fire Max - The most popular survival shooter game in Southeast Asia

With 3D visual effects along with dramatic survival fighting gameplay, this will definitely be a game that any brother wants to bring into the collection. Garena's decision to release an upgraded graphic version of Garena Free Fire has made many people love it.

Today, the demand for users to experience the game with better and more detailed graphics is increasing day by day. Talking about the graphics aspect of the current Free Fire, it is certainly not possible to "compare" with shooting games of the same genre such as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile. Therefore, if Garena does not develop an advanced version like Free Fire Max, it will be difficult to attract players.

When participating in Free Fire Max, you will feel like you are experiencing a real shooting world. Let's find out together!

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What does Free Fire Max have that makes gamers "so wobbly?


The plot of Free Fire Max is quite simple when it mainly revolves around the fight between 50 players on an empty island. 50 people will parachute down here at the same time, but only one will survive. In just 10 minutes, players will have to loot weapons and supplies. After that, the player's task is to defeat all the enemies they accidentally meet on the way.

Players will have to use all survival skills to be able to become the ultimate winner.



Possessing extreme gameplay

About the gameplay

Free Fire Max is an action game where 50 people must find a way to be the last survivor. Players can choose to play singles, doubles, three or four people to fight.

A match will last about 20 minutes. After a few minutes, the gamezone will retract and players outside the area are likely to take damage. For locations with the appearance of red, there will be fierce battles that threaten the lives of players in this area.

This is a game that requires agility and ingenuity. Be the last survivor and the winner!

About designing your own map

Players can completely create their own maps using craftland. While designing the map, players can freely choose different objects, buildings, and decorative structures. In it, there will be a special area for you to build a map. Moreover, you can also participate in maps built by other players.


Free Fire Max has to be said to be one of the most popular battle games as you can choose between 39 characters to your liking. Each character has unique abilities. The number of characters is constantly being developed by Garena so that the game can attract more players.
Weapons Treasure

The arsenal of weapons in Free Fire Max is extremely rich. It includes a full range of guns, grenades, ... Including the guns that are often used to fight such as:

  • Assault Rifles: M4A1, AK, M14, SCAR, GROZA
  • Machine guns: M249, M60, Kord
  • Pistols: M1014, SPAS12, M1887, MAG-7
  • Pistol: USP, G18, M1873


It is impossible not to mention because the main map is one of the factors that receive a lot of attention from gamers. This is an exclusive map only available in the Max version of Free Fire. This map is built specifically for a group of 4 people. Besides, the architecture, landscape, ... are also the factors that make up the highlight in the game.

Graphics and sound


The sound quality is extremely invested!

Free Fire MAX has now added sound effects: reloading and shooting, car sound, roar. Music mixed with realistic sounds will make players feel like they are in a real battle.

The detail of bullets hitting different surfaces has been improved to a realistic level. Dust stains or traces of passing vehicles are also clearly reproduced. More specifically, the colorful 3D graphics context has made the game great.


Above are the most general introduction to Free Fire Max. Hope the above information will give your questions complete answers. Wish you have a good experience at Free Fire!

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