Liên Quân Mobile mod 1.46.24 Originals

Liên Quân Mobile
App Name Liên Quân Mobile
Genre Action
Developer Garena Mobile Private
Size 185.55MB
Latest Version 1.46.24
Mod info Originals
Update September 14, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of Liên Quân Mobile

Lien Quan Apk also known as Arena of Valor, this is a game that uses arena tactics. Coalition is a game released and distributed by Garena on Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Maybe many gamers do not know this is one of the games that originated from Tencent's Glory of Kings, then this game was developed and released in China.

Until November 21, 2016, Lien Quan Mobile game was officially released in Vietnam. After that, it was also widely released in countries in Southeast Asia, and countries in Europe and America published by Tencent Games itself.

Mobile Alliance - Victory or defeat at skill

Download Lien Quan apk - Find out the outstanding advantages in the game

Although it has only appeared in Vietnam, the game Hack Lien Quan has left a very strong impression, especially among Vietnamese gamers. Whenever it comes to this game, surely no one is unaware of it.

Up to now, the coalition game has had 85 different generals divided into 6 groups of generals with different characteristics and attributes such as: Tank, gladiator, mage, gunner, assistant . The generals in the game Lien Quan Mobile always receive a lot of attention from game developers.. Therefore, the generals will be equipped with different costumes, different auxiliary spells to increase the drama. in this game.

Lien Quan Mobile is one of the games that stormed the game market in Europe and Asia. So what is so attractive about this game? Let's find out together the outstanding advantages of this game

The champion system is extremely diverse

Lien Quan Mobile is a mobile game with extremely diverse gameplay with more than 110 generals of different classes, such as: tank, gladiator, assassin, magician, assistant.

Each champion is equipped with different skill sets as well as different power parameters. In which the mage will favor magic power, the gunner has a strong range with physical strength... It is thanks to the variety of strengths and skills of the prime minister that make this game so attractive , attracting gamers to create their own ways to win.

Gameplay combines many skills

In the basic gameplay of Lien Quan, the map is divided into 3 main routes: dragon road, evil god road and mid lane. There are also forested areas between the main roads mentioned above and the river that divides the map into two directions.

Before entering a match, you need to choose a champion that suits you and coordinate with other players to form the best squad. In the basic game mode, each team will consist of 5 generals. The lineup will usually be distributed: 1 lane champion in the evil god, 1 lane champion in the middle, 2 dragon lane champions and 1 champion in the jungle area.

At the start of a match,   the left side of the interface is the navigation button for the generals, the minimap and the equipment shops. And the right part will be 3 attack skill boxes along with chat manipulation buttons, settings ...

During the course of the match, you need to defeat monsters, enemy champions, upgrade your champion's equipment, and the ultimate goal is to take down the opponent's main house.

To protect your main house, each path will include 3 guard posts, don't be foolish to rush into these towers if you don't have soldiers with you. This will cost you your life. Destroy 3 towers of 1 lane, you can proceed to the main house.

In addition to the items you can buy at the shop during the course of the match, you can also use additional runes, badges, and mastery boards to gain an additional advantage against the enemy.

Many super attractive game modes

In addition to the traditional game modes mentioned above, now Lien Quan mobile also has other game modes such as 3 vs 3, 10 vs 10, Coalition Flag, Racing, Soccer... also extremely attractive and interesting. attract players to participate.

Besides, there are some other modes such as duel. This is where other players fight to improve their own level, put their name in the top of the League of Legends.

Battle modes in the game Lien Quan Mobile

In the game Lien Quan Mobile, there are often different battle modes, depending on the needs and purposes of each gamer, they can choose different battle modes. Let's find out what those game modes are.

The matches at Lien Quan Mobile are extremely fair

Normal battle mode

+ In the normal game mode, it is divided into smaller modes such as: normal match 5-5, normal match 3, chaos match, solo match 1-1, mortal arena, football match , battle Japan with transform melee, 10-10 duel and many more battle modes. These are usually the game modes used by gamers during the mobile game experience.

Play against a programmed machine

In the game Lien Quan Mobile, this mode will be similar to normal, but it only stops at 3 main levels: Beginner, easy, difficult. These are modes for new gamers to practice and test new champions before entering the more intense battle. This practice will help them have very professional counter attacks  or also help you have more good tactics.

Exercise regime

Training is a mode that most beginning gamers have to go through. This is also a beginner-specific mode. In this mode, it has: Practice match (you can choose your own champion and the enemy's general). In this mode, it has a lot of tools that you can use in matches such as: Champion, cancel cooldown, level up, etc.

Thousands of champions and skins updated every day


Thus, we have learned together about the game Lien Quan Mobile. Tips and game modes during gameplay. Hopefully, this article will help you guys. Especially newbies who are learning this game. What are you waiting for, register now and experience together. Good luck to the newbies.

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