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Among Us
App Name Among Us
Genre Action
Developer Innersloth Llc
Size 102.3Mb
Latest Version 2023.2.28
Mod info Unlocked/ Menu
Update March 01, 2023 (3 weeks ago)

Description of Among Us

Game Among Us is a game that has exploded on the internet and become one of the hottest hits in 2020. Among Us is an integrated game version between the Mafia and the Wolf - the inference game genres. The game was founded and developed by InnerSloth, a game company based in Washington.

Among Us - The most stormy game of all time

Although it was released a long time ago, around June 2018, the game did not receive much public attention. However, until 2020, when the potential was discovered by gamers on the Twitch platform, the game really made a big splash. Since then, the game has been downloaded by tens of millions of gamers worldwide and has never dropped out of the top 5 most popular apps.

Through the use of an electronic device such as a computer or a mobile phone, the players who are teammates must find the fakers in order to win. When the game starts, imposters will be randomly selected. These impostors will proceed to kill teammates and destroy the ship.


Hack Among Us with extremely attractive gameplay, needs the player's observation, sharp inference as well as the ability to interact with the rest of the members. With a lively game context and small, colorful game characters, it gives players intense mind battles but still very fun and entertaining. Let's learn about this interesting werewolf style game genre!

Download Among Us Mod Apk –  explore the interesting werewolf style game genre

Here are the outstanding features of Among Us that you definitely cannot ignore:

It is because the game style is different and always brings a sense of surprise to the players that has created an irresistible attraction for the game. To start the game, there will be from 4 to 10 people sharing a room. The members will be randomly selected as the brave crew to find the truth about the fakers who are intentionally trying to destroy everyone on the ship.

What is Among Us?

In order for players to know more about the task as well as the game rules, in the lobby, there will be a board with all information located in the left corner. The game is also very psychological when it comes to supporting a variety of languages. This has helped Among Us get closer to many players as well as make it easier for gamers to manipulate it.

To become the winner in Among Us, the player must be quick, careful and decisive when being on the good side (Crewmate). What about when it's the evil side (Impostor)? Players must be very skillful in fooling the remaining members by quickly destroying and destroying the ship. You can optionally set the number of fakers, it can be 1,2 or more.

Players can also customize the look of their character through their favorite colors and add fun and adorable accessories if desired. Moreover, the game will provide different types of maps so that players do not get bored while playing. There are 3 main types of maps as follows.



The interesting thing that makes Among Us storm in the gaming community is that players will not know the identity of other members. So that in the game will inevitably be suspicious of each other, thinking differently between players. Sometimes there will be disagreements between players, creating more drama for the game.

When you are the honest crew (Crewmate) trying to track down the fake name (Impostor) but unfortunately get knocked down. At this point, you can still stay to observe the other surviving members. Players can completely leave there after being destroyed, but you can completely stay to track down who killed you. Also can the Crewmate players find out the name.

Accomplish the given tasks quickly

Staying and watching what happens next in the game will be quite thrilling. At the same time, thanks to that, you will also be able to learn and gain more experience from the surviving members. In addition you can:

  • Create Game: create a new playroomPublic: find a public playroom
  • Private: join a private room with acquaintances

Array of graphics and sounds in the game

Although only using extremely simple 2D graphics combined with normal contexts, it is not too haughty and luxurious like other games. But by building a lovely character image along with a spaceship designed to be extremely vivid, using eye-catching bright color tones. The game can still make a special impression as well as make a strong impression on the game lover community.

With novel gameplay, drama and petite characters, Among Us is truly a game genre that you cannot ignore. It will help you have fun and refreshing moments with friends after a tiring day. If you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

Besides the graphic element, Among Us has also worked very hard to refine the sound to bring uniqueness to the game. Each mysterious melody slowly resounds with the monstrous sound that brings a sense of curiosity and drama. The sound of surprise when a player is eliminated or the alarm bell ringing loudly when someone presses the practice button makes it more attractive and realistic.



Among Us is a game genre with extremely unique and attractive gameplay and cute character image that will definitely be a game that you cannot ignore. If you want to find a smile after a stressful day of work or study, this is the game that suits that desire. Try it out and let us know how you feel!

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