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Description of Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is one of the best mobile game series today. If the player is a newbie who wants to learn how to play before entering the real war? Follow this article, as we will bring you all the information surrounding the game mode. And about the generals, how to equip in the game.

All about the game

This is one of the series of games in the MOBA genre. Each match has 2 teams playing with a battle formation of 5v5. The goal is to protect your team and destroy the opponent's main tower to become the winner. The unique feature of the game is that players will become the ones who are on duty for fiery matches.

Mobile Legends fights with 3 lanes as main lane, top lane and bottom lane. To capture enemy towers, 4 jungle areas, 18 towers, 9 towers per team, 2 main towers.

Players will choose a character for themselves called General. And teammates proceed to build the perfect squad. Each match on average will last about 10 minutes. Players can choose to go the main road, go to the jungle, rush to destroy the enemy towers, ...

mobile legends

Make friends in five continents in Mobile Legends

Players can equip their own general. Or you can use the equipment recommended by the Mobile Legends game system in the hot equipment section. Or use other players' equipment.

Destroy every opponent in your way with hero skills. Try to knock down all the towers and especially the main tower of the opponent. To be able to win on your team.

Download Mobile Legends mod apk - Explore game modes in the game

Mobile Legends has a lot of different game modes, including 6 major modes:

  • Ranked mode: for high ranked players who want to show off their skills.
  • Classic mode: for players who want to improve their skills with 5v5 squads and 3 lanes of battle.
  • Melee mode: for short fights and only single lane combat.
  • Machine mode: here players can learn the skills of generals to practice their skills. This may be the best choice for new players.
  • Free mode, the player will be paired with both the machine and the player. Because it has to combine all 3 modes, classic, machine and forbidden.
  • Entertainment mode: will include the mortal arena and some other modes that are opened according to the big event.

The game owns generals with high attack ability

When playing in a squad with more types of generals, the chances of winning are higher. Typical generals in Mobile Legends are as follows: Tank, Gunner, Gladiator, Mage. Let's learn about these generals right now.

Tank General

This is a major general in the squad that is always called by every gamer to join the team. The advantage of the Tank General is that he possesses a high amount of health. 

Tanks often start a fight to shield low health generals. But the damage is high, so it can perform its role well.

Gunner General - MM

Gunner is a general in Mobile Legends that is loved by many people because of its easy operation. Although this champion possesses a small amount of health, the damage is extremely high. Especially the closer to the end the higher the higher.

Gunners can attack from long range, so when fighting, players need to keep their distance from the opponent. Thus, the player can both deal damage to the opponent. Just have a high chance of escape if unfortunately counterattacked.

Fighter General

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Each type of general will have its own function and mission

Fighter general deals high damage and is relatively stable against attacks. There are a variety of variations in the fighting style. Early game damage is very good, and can be fought directly or easily by eating monsters. Refer to recommended or previous master's equipment to increase combat ability.

Mages General - Mage

The mage in Mobile Legends deals magic damage across a wide and long range. The mage general has the ability to control the enemy well. So when fighting, the mage plays an even more important role. Because you can control and immobilize the opponent's squad.

Can go mid if the mage champions have good solo skills. Or roam to switch branches on either side to support other champions. However, the Wizard general loses blood quite quickly, so he is always the object of the opponent's siege. Need to be very careful along the way.

How to level up equipment for generals

games mobile legends

Equip to level up skills

Each Mobile Legends match will have 3 equipment systems for champions for players to choose from. Including My Equipment, Hot Equipment and Master Equipment.

Each champion will have a different gear up. The equipment style will be divided into stacking damage, resistance, and balance. Alternating damage, resistance, and jungle.

Recommended and experienced items are usually good items with a high win rate.


Above is all the information about Mobile Legends games for beginners. Hope players will successfully apply it to their game matches. Have fun playing the game and don't hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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