Tank Stars mod + apk 1.7.6 Unlimited Money

Tank Stars
App Name Tank Stars
Genre Arcade
Developer Playgendary
Size 129.5Mb
Latest Version 1.7.6
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update January 14, 2023 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Tank Stars

Tank Stars with Apk version is a game where players can comfortably control modern tanks of World War II. Players will experience and participate in a fierce war that forces you to eliminate all the opponents you see. This is an extremely attractive and attractive coordinate shooting game released by Playgendary.


Tank Stars - Extreme modern tank control game

Tank Stars is available on both iOS and Android operating systems completely free of charge. In this game, the player must play in turn. When it's your turn to play, what the player needs to do is adjust the force and direction of the tank and the size of the opponent's tank. If you miss, you will be in danger, because after your turn is over, if the opponent has not been eliminated, the next shot is for your opponent. And you will be destroyed at any time without warning.

When experiencing the game with the Mod Apk version, players will be given priority and receive a lot of incentives. Players can freely unlock the game mode they love, and also receive a lot of money to be able to upgrade their cars easily. What are you waiting for without learning about such a high combat game. And the following article will introduce you to the features available in this game. Don't forget, after reading the article and understanding the game, then download the Mod Apk version to play immediately.

Download Tank Stars Mod Apk version - solo experience with wartime tanks has 102

In the mod apk version, players can experience the following features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock Game Mode
  • No Ads appear

Download game for Android version: This is a great game that you should play in your spare time like this summer vacation. You will be mentally prepared for intense, attractive gunfights. There are only two choices: win to live or lose to die. What are you waiting for, download the game to your computer and enjoy this game right away.

About the game Tank Stars

Here is some information about the game Tank Stars that players need to know.

How to play the game Tank Stars

The gameplay of Tank Stars is quite similar to the Bowmasters game. Players need to know how to control their tank and solo, fight with other tanks on a fierce battlefield filled with gunfire and death, a place for winners, talented gunners strong and strong, resilient. In addition to the types of bullets you usually use, you can also use rockets to destroy the enemy, destroy the enemy.

But you only have one turn to use the rocket, so consider and think carefully when using this function. The player's task is to destroy and eliminate all enemies to win. This game is quite simple for players to entertain, the manipulation during the game is also very easy. After a few games, you will become proficient. Don't worry too much.

Unlock your tank


Unlock lots of great tanks for a great experience

In the game Tank Stars, players will be able to use modern tanks of the second world war to fight on the battlefield. You have the right to unlock different tanks with a variety of designs and colors that you want. You are also fully equipped with weapons with an arsenal of ammunition, thermonuclear bombs, nuclear bombs, ... Speaking of which, you must be very excited. After a while of fighting, players also need to level up their tanks so that it can be stronger and fight better, against the enemy's attacks.

Great graphic design

With simplicity in design, the game gives players a sense of excitement when experiencing the game. The graphics are designed with a 2D background and are as detailed as possible. The lightness and smoothness make it possible for players to experience the game without fear of lag or freeze, hot machine. The interface is designed scientifically, suitable for the mobile version.

Two main modes in the game Tank Stars

There are two main modes in the game that are offline and online. In offline mode, players need to fight with tanks that the system controls, those tanks have standard and accurate aiming. This is a mode for players to practice their fighting ability before entering the official game. Besides, playing in offline mode will help you earn more money and have the ability to unlock more tanks.

In the online mode, where you can experience the truth of war, you can challenge other players around the world. Experience the game and eliminate them, take home the victory on the leaderboard. You can know the nationality of the player through the flag on the tank they fight.

Some main features of Tank Stars:

  • The gameplay is simple with the fierce glare when fighting coordinates.
  • Equipped with a diverse arsenal, many types of ammunition, bombs, ... and even battle tanks.
  • Simple graphic design with 2D graphics, easy-to-see, minimalistic, intuitive, vivid interface.
  • Online game mode, players are fighting in real time.
  • Can invite friends to play together
  • Downloading games takes up less space, does not cause lag, and heats up the device.


What are you waiting for without joining to experience the world of Tanks right away!!!!


Above is information about the game Tank Stars for those of you who are wishing to learn about this game. Hope this article is useful for you and wish you will have great relaxing moments with Tank Stars.

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