Zombie Tsunami 4.5.123 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Zombie Tsunami
App Name Zombie Tsunami
Genre Arcade
Developer Mobigame S A R L
Size 69.5Mb
Latest Version 4.5.123
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update February 02, 2023 (1 months ago)

Description of Zombie Tsunami

Unlike all the games in the genre of killing zombies, shooting, .. The Zombie Tsunami game will give players a completely different experience related to the zombie genre, released on the background. mobile game platform. Zombie Tsunami has really brought a fever to players because of its hotness. In the world of Zombie Tsunami, players will be transformed into a fun zombie army running continuously on the roads, streets, and new places to attack people and turn them into a member of theirs.

Zombie Tsunami - Unending zombie attack

Zombie Tsunami Hack is a game that runs indefinitely without stopping, only when you die will you stop the journey. Attacking people a lot, he will have himself a powerful zombie army and when the number of zombies reaches 0, it means stopping the game. The game gives players a completely new feeling when playing a few bad guys and having a great power and no one can resist that power.

Zombie Tsunami is a game with extremely simple gameplay but attracts a lot of players. Since its release, it has owned millions of downloads on Android and iOS platforms.

Unlike normal zombie games that kill zombies to survive, Zombie Tsunami is the opposite. In the game, players will be zombies to destroy humanity, destroy buildings and cities. You will move non-stop and have to overcome obstacles as well as eat prey to increase your number. The higher the level, the higher the difficulty.

Download Zombie Tsunami Mod APK - legion of the undead

Stepping into the world of Game Zombie Tsunami hack full all players will feel this game is similar to infinite running games like Subway surfer, Temple Run, ..because the basic gameplay will be the same and The rules of the game are simply to run indefinitely until losing all the zombie army, the game is over. In the game there are many tasks that the player must complete to upgrade the player's zombie army.

The more missions you complete, the more coins and diamonds you get. In the journey of zombieization, there will be many dangers lurking for players such as bombs, landslides, .. In addition, players can go to the shop to buy items to support the player's undead legion. as support pets.

Support skills are extremely diverse and easy to upgrade

What's better than when the player's zombie army is strong and has more transformation skills in a short period of time. They help players overcome obstacles easily. The skills in Zombie Tsunami include:

Giantz: The player's zombie army will transform into a giant beast with many eyes and lasers will shoot from its eyes destroying everything it touches. The player can upgrade this skill so that the monster will shoot more lasers and deal more damage

Gold: this is the skill that makes the player the richest, with this skill, everything that the player's army touches will turn into gold, money

Dragon: turn all zombies into a giant dragon but will still be destroyed by bombs, collisions of vehicles. You can press and hold the dragon will fly in the air and land very slowly to help overcome obstacles easily

U.F.O: increases player's zombies every second

In addition to the skills mentioned above, there are many other skills. players download the game Zombie Tsunami and discover for yourself

Buy eggs to own pets in Zombie Tsunami

When playing the game   Zombie Tsunami, players can go to the shop and buy eggs with the money or gold they have earned. That is the only way to be able to own yourself super good pets. The rarer the pet, the higher the level, the more you will earn and help you a lot in the process of destroying the city.

In addition, owning many different types of pets also shows the level of players in the game Zombie Tsunami. Try to collect as many good pets as possible

Decorate your army of the undead

World Zombie Tsunami will give players extremely unique costumes, breaking the way so that players can arbitrarily decorate their zombie army. Although he is a bad guy, fashion is not bad. In addition, players can also buy emoticons for each zombie, this has brought a funny and lovely zombie army image and gives players a sense of fun and entertainment after. moments of fatigue, stress because of work and study.

It is possible to customize their appearance by changing their costumes such as pants, shirts, shoes, hats, ..in addition, there are many more interesting things that Zombie Tsunami brings to players.

Do not hesitate to experience this fascinating game right away!!!


The above article has provided players with basic information about the Zombie Tsunami game that is storming the Vietnamese game market, hopefully this will be a game that gives players moments of relaxation and comfort. roof. What are you waiting for without downloading the game to experience it.

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