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Grow Castle
App Name Grow Castle
Genre Arcade
Developer Raon Games
Size 51.0Mb
Latest Version 1.37.16
Mod info Unlimited Coins
Update March 21, 2023 (2 days ago)

Description of Grow Castle

Grow Castle is an interesting gameplay which get a lot of attention on the market today. Like it is said,  this game alone will bring you new and attractive feelings, all thanks to building unique gameplay and building a storyline for the character. Discover this exciting game series now!

Initially, the character you embody will live in a peaceful kingdom without war. Until one day a monster appeared and began to attack the neighboring countries. And the next target of the monsters is the kingdom you live in.

Players are the ones who received the warning that monsters would invade the kingdom. What you need to do is prepare well to defend and fight monsters.

Your levels, towers and troops will hold and defend the area on the right side of the screen. The enemy enters from the right of the screen and your goal is to destroy the invaders. Otherwise they will break the tower and you will lose your kingdom and you will be lost in the gameplay.

Grow Castle - The most popular strategy game

Each character, including our troops and enemies, has a health bar that represents the ability to live. When the health bar ends, you enemy dies. Based on this, you can easily grasp the battle.

However, what is challenging abut the game is that the kingdom of the rulers is in a rather weak power. When all the fringes of the kingdom were captured. The final mission of the brothers is to protect the last stronghold of the kingdom.

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Referring to the game is referring to an interesting virtual world in which you are warriors. Learn about the game now!

Creative gameplay

You will play in a role of a lord who directly directs his army to organize in order to defend against the fierce attacks of bloodthirsty monsters. At the end of the day, you will have the experience of a leader standing above thousands to lead. This is an unforgettable experience when playing the game.

To defend, you will have to arrange a lot of soldiers, many heroes. Build watchtowers with strong destructive power, increasing the fortification of the city walls. There are 2 main gameplay in Grow Castle:

  • The gameplay is defensive against the attacks of monsters. Prevent them from destroying the wall to invade and slaughter innocent people. 
  • The gameplay is both defensive and seeks to destroy the main city of the enemy city-states. To expand the colony and collect a huge amount of resources.

The gameplay of Grow Castle is extremely interesting and creative

Thrilling Mission

Your main task is not to let the monsters pass the wall protecting your kingdom. Depending on the difficulty of the attack, the reward will be different. Besides, the more you pass, the higher your rank will be and the more gifts you will receive.

The elite army at Grow Castle will include:

  • Archers: These are soldiers who stand behind the wall and shoot arrows at the enemy. The higher the archer's level, the more weapons this army will change. For example switch from bow to gun for higher damage.
  • Hero: The force standing on the wall. Each hero will have a unique skill. For example, summon soldiers, summon thunder, heal and create many beneficial effects for allies.

Heroes can also be upgraded to increase their strength. And added new skills with stronger effects.

Skills acquired while playing the game

Every time you level up, you will receive 1 upgrade point. There is a chance to collect the gold. And the archer damage level increased, health level is also increased …

Beautiful Graphics

The graphics in Grow Castle are 2D graphics but there is a lot of detail which is smooth and eye-soothing. Game with thousands of heroes with all shapes and skills. Use different weapons and the shooter can also change shape after each upgrade.

The number of monsters is equally overwhelming and diverse in species. This is a great entertainment space for you after stressful working hours. Promise the most complete entertainment moments for you.

 The sound in the game focuses mainly on effects in combat. When the battle breaks out, you will constantly hear the sound of soldiers firing bullets at the enemy. Hearing the roar of the monsters, the sound of weapons clashing did not stop. Help you feel the grandeur and fierceness of each attack.

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Hopefully with the content sharing about the issues surrounding Grow Castle above. You will not encounter many obstacles when playing the game. Wish you have a wonderful relaxing moment and protect your stronghold. Hurry up to join to become the hegemony of the fortified wall!

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