Hungry Dragon mod + apk 4.7 Unlimited Money

Hungry Dragon
App Name Hungry Dragon
Genre Arcade
Developer Ubisoft Entertainment
Size 134.8Mb
Latest Version 4.7
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update January 30, 2023 (2 days ago)

Description of Hungry Dragon

Hungry Dragon is a fun and unique game which attracts a lot of players. According to some famous experts, this is considered as an ideal stress reliever game. Moreover, the game also has survival elements. Let's take a look at several unique reviews of this game genre!

This is a type of game which leads players to crazy and intense matches. You will have to control many special dragons in this game. They have completely different capabilities, and they will surprise you. The dragons are constantly starving, and it can lead to blood loss.

Dragon Hungry - An extremely attractive stress reliever survival game

Additionally, what you need to do is to feed the dragons to maintain their life in order to gain valuable rewards. Your dragon has excessive strength, but it is not the strongest monster. Therefore, it will still be vulnerable to mysterious creatures and dangerous weapons surrounding them. Players will need to collect and upgrade your dragons to make them stronger.

If players want to move, they will need to hold on to the screen and drag in the direction that they want to move. Moreover, your dragon will be attached by the ability to accelerate to help them chase prey in the fastest way. Another thing that makes Hungry Dragon so popular with many players is that it brings a lot of money and jewelry.

Download Hungry Dragon Mod Apk - Exploring gameplay and extreme graphics 
Here are some reviews of players about this hot genre of game. Let’s follow and experience.

Fascinating medieval background

In this game, players will completely experience the medieval background when the dragons were considered as an enormous fear of not only human beings but also of the fantasy world.

Thus, humans, witches, elves, animals,... will be the elements that are depicted clearly in the game. This makes the game become more lively and mysterious as it brings players back to a world full of dangerous mysterious creatures.

Endless gameplay and amazing 3D graphics Extreme

A big plus for this game genre is the superiority of 3D graphics. All scenes in the game are built extremely detailed and beautiful. The actions of flying, spitting fire or eating the entire prey of the dragons are described in a very vivid way.

Environmental elements such as waterfalls, clouds or collapsing, etc. are reproduced very clearly, which gives the feeling of a true game under a bright 3D perspective. This makes a devastating destruction style game become simpler and extremely fun.

Moreover, the gameplay always goes in the direction of endless exploration. Players can freely explore the world without worrying about being confined to a tight space. As long as you keep your dragon full, you can go anywhere.

The types of dragons and pets brought are diverse

In total, there are only 11 main types of dragons in the game. They are divided in size from size S to XL. However, each type of dragon has different costumes. The costumes will help them change their appearance and add a little special capability. Therefore, if the overview is complete, the number of dragons can reach all 50 races.

Furthermore, the game also adds the feature of bringing pets along. These pets will help players hunt their prey. Additionally, they also help the main dragon increase a few other special rates for themselves. The number of pets dragons is not inferior to the main dragon type.

At a glance, I see that the number is over 50 different types of dragons. Owing to the variety in the number of these dragons and the game map, this game becomes an extremely attractive game for those who love adventure and exploration games.

Many unique features are waiting for players to experience!

There is one thing that we should not ignore is the unique features of this game. Here are some attractive features:

Map: Every time you hunt, you can experience extremely interesting locations with many strange creatures. You can also check out a large map with a variety of complex terrains with different joys.
Mission: The game will bring a lot of special missions for players to freely explore and accomplish. In this game, you will have to challenge the different abilities of dragons to fulfill those tasks. After completing them, you will receive a lot of great rewards.


The above information is the best about the special entertainment game Hungry Dragon. This is a completely free game genre with unique and interesting gameplay. Therefore, players should not miss this game. Quickly pick up your phone and download to experience it!

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