Geometry Dash mod 2.111 Unlimited Money/Unlocked

Geometry Dash
App Name Geometry Dash
Genre Arcade
Developer Robtop Games
Size 75.3Mb
Latest Version 2.111
Mod info Unlimited Money/Unlocked
Update September 19, 2022 (4 months ago)

Description of Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a brain hack but extremely interesting and engaging brain game. This is the adventure of a cube through many different levels with the aim of giving players the feeling of wanting to conquer.

Geometry Dash belongs to the intellectual game genre released by RobTop in 2013. This game gives players a lot of entertainment but no less dramatic. With a fairly simple gameplay, you only need to control the cubes to move over the obstacles. At a glance, many people probably think this is an easy game to make money. However, in fact, this is a challenging game genre and difficult to overcome.

The speed of movement accelerates quickly, so the obstacles are designed quite close to each other to create attraction. Unlike other games, when you lose your life, you will be resurrected. But Geometry Dash is different, when you lose you have to start over.

This is considered one of the highlights of the game and is an attractive factor for new players to participate in the experience. In addition, the extremely dramatic sound also creates a highlight for this game, the obstacles will be inserted in accordance with each bass beat of the music.

Geometry Dash mod apk android

Geometry Dash - Obstacle intellectual game

In particular, the image in Geometry Dash is not as complicated as other games. Game makers choose color tones that are not too bright and dark. The color will change every time the gamer passes a new level.

However, to win Geometry Dash is not easy. Understanding this, the following will share with you some winning gaming experiences. Therefore, do not miss any information below.

Download game Geometry Dash mod apk - Outstanding features in the game

The game has been attracting a large number of gamers to experience thanks to its possession of the following outstanding features:

  • Belongs to the genre of intellectual games combined with action, moving based on rhythm.
  • There are many different levels with unique and attractive background music.
  • Design and customize your own levels using the custom level mode.
  • Unlock new icons and colors to customize your character.
  • Fly on rockets and fight gravity in the game.
  • Train in training mode to enhance your abilities.
  • The game has a lot of rewards as well as achievements waiting for gamers to conquer.
  • Geometry Dash does not support in-app purchases.
  • Challenge yourself in times that are almost insurmountable.

Geometry Dash mod apk

Design your own challenging level

Pocket tips to play the best Geometry Dash game

Geometry Dash is not exactly a simple game, given the fact that this game is extremely difficult. Therefore, you need to refer to the following methods to ensure that you play to the best of your ability:

Hold down fingers to jump platforms in a row

During the game, sometimes you will have 3 or 4 consecutive obstacles as obstacles that need to be overcome. However, gamers do not worry too much, just press and hold your finger on the screen. This helps you to jump over all the obstacles without risking.

Skip unnecessary coins

Similar to any other game, you want to find and collect coins as you move. In the game Geometry Dash, there will be some coins scattered on the outside and almost very difficult to get.

However, you should not care about risking your level to collect these unnecessary coins. A few newcomers often like to collect as many coins as possible. However, the masters will often ignore the coins that are difficult to collect in the game and focus on reaching new levels.

Geometry Dash mod

Focus on overcoming obstacles instead of collecting coins

Play in practice mode

One more tip when participating in Geometry Dash is to try the practice mode. Practice mode does not affect your level of play in the game, but players can play it over and over again as many times as they want. The main purpose is to practice the ability to play the game.

Therefore, gamers should try and experience this mode if they are having difficulty on a particular obstacle. This is a simple tip that beginners should learn to apply.

The method of using rocket boosters

The best advantage that makes it harder for you to die in the game Geometry Dash is the rocket. This is a useful tool that allows you to jump higher.

While you use boosters, your travel time will be faster, which means that the travel time of gamers participating at the same time will become slower. Everything contributes to making your leveling process convenient, high level, high score, but the probability of losing life is low.

Perhaps because of this, this method is always applied by a large number of players.


The above article must have helped you better understand this obstacle course game. Hopefully with this useful information will help you have more experience when playing Geometry Dash game.

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