Stickman Warriors mod + apk 1.3.4 Unlimited money

Stickman Warriors
App Name Stickman Warriors
Genre Action
Developer SkySoft Studio
Size 88.7MB
Latest Version 1.3.4
Mod info Unlimited money
Update September 17, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of Stickman Warriors

Stickman Warriors is a fighting role-playing game based on the plot of the legendary animated movie Dragon Ball 7. When downloading the game Stickman Warriors mod apk version, players will receive unlimited money and power. So what's so hot about this game that so many players love it? Let's find out together guys. Stickman Warriors is an action and combat game produced and published by Skysoft Studio.

Stickman Warriors - sacred dragon warrior

Stickman Warriors - sacred dragon warrior is a game based on the Dragon Ball story with the character Songoku searching for the dragon balls. But the special thing worth mentioning in this game is that our characters are not designed like the movies we often see, but designed with an interesting stick figure. Players will play as a dbz warrior with your squad the legendary Z squad. Your job is to fight to save the earth and fight the bad guys. The matches in the game Stickman Warriors are all hand-to-hand combat between real warriors. The location of the arena is always changing and will be a point in our vast universe.

The player's job is to master the keys on the keyboard to move and punch the opponent. There will be a formula that combines the buttons on the keyboard to have the strongest and most skilled moves. To win and become super saiyan, players have to train a lot to level up in the game. What are you waiting for, download the game and enjoy it right away.

Download Stickman Warriors Mod Apk game - become a hero to save the world

Outstanding features of Stickman Warriors game in apk mod version:

  • Excellent graphics and sound quality, eye-catching effects, top notch give players a great and classy experience.
  • Easily unlock super saiyan 2, 3, 4 and become the strongest player in the game.
  • There are more than 100 warriors with super strong squads and cool super saiyan transformation skills.
  • Characters in the game can reach infinity instincts.
  • There are many different game modes such as tournament, practice, and confrontation.
  • The game runs smoothly, without lag, without causing the device to heat up.
  • Unique, engaging daily quests.

Download Stickman Warriors game mod apk version:

  • In version 1 there is unlimited money and unlimited diamonds.
  • In version 2 features unlimited energy and great power.

Introducing the game Stickman Warriors

The game Stickman Warriors - sacred dragon warriors will give players the opportunity to become one of the heroes in the Dragon Ball movie. The hero's job is to fight the enemies and protect our earth from the bad guys. Players must equip themselves with both weapons and skills to enter the arena and fight for the world, fighting the bad guys and eliminating them.

The sacred dragon warriors of the legendary Z team will possess a superior strength. But we are not so subjective, our opponents always improve and increase their strength before the matches take place. We also have to train to enhance the already existing strength. To have strong and skillful moves, players need to make efforts for themselves. The most unique move is probably Kamehameha.

How to play Stickman Warriors game that you need to master

Stickman Warriors Mod apk
The skills in the game are extremely unique and attractive

Players need to work hard to train their strength every day to be able to reach the highest threshold, thereby easily eliminating the opponent. But each match, players need to observe and pay attention to their health so that they can replenish if needed. Whoever's health bar is zero, that person loses.

How to play the game Stickman Warriors is quite simple, you just need to remember and master the keys such as jumping, creating ki spheres, infinity instincts, dodging moves, .... The ultimate goal of the player must be achieve that is to win and eliminate the bad guys, then our earth will be truly peaceful.

Four attractive Stickman Warriors game modes

  • Exciting Story Mode: In this mode, players have more than 144 levels to unlock characters faster. The map in this mode is also constantly updated, a diverse boss system and finally attractive gifts are waiting for you.
  • Combat mode: This is the mode where the player fights solo with the enemy to be able to determine victory or defeat. Win or lose is for you to decide.
  • Tournament mode: In this mode, 16 warriors will participate in a fierce tournament match. Players must fight each warrior to achieve the championship. If you win the prize, you will receive many attractive gifts.
  • Training mode: This is definitely the mode you have to use a lot to practice your strength, fighting ability and even the skills of a super saiyan before stepping on the real battlefield.

Diverse characters, feel free to choose

Characters in the game Stickman Warriors have 72 characters similar to the Dragon Ball movie. Each character will have a skill, a power of their own. You can freely choose the character that suits you. And it is important not to choose a character just because of its high stats, strong or weak character, thanks to the character's training during the battle.

Stickman Warriors Mod

Up to 72 characters for players to experience


Above is information about the game Stickman Warriors for those of you who love and want to learn about this game. Hope that this article is useful for you and wish you will have great entertainment moments with Stickman Warriors.

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