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My Talking Tom Friends
App Name My Talking Tom Friends
Genre Casual
Developer Outfit7 Limited
Size 132.9Mb
Latest Version
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update March 01, 2023 (3 weeks ago)

Description of My Talking Tom Friends

My Talking Tom Friends is a game that is followed by My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela of the game publisher Outfit7. The game gives players a sense of entertainment more than taking care of a cat Tom.

This game is like a new world opening up for those who have been loving the previous My Talking Tom game. With the pet-raising genre on mobile phones, this game is a complete novelty that will make players expect a lot.

Players will be much more satisfied when connecting two games My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela in the new game My Talking Tom Friends. In this game, our cat Tom will have new friends, which will be interesting but also quite hard because the player has to take care of more cats.

Besides, the game also has many new and upgraded features compared to the previous two versions, so it also attracts players. You will enter the virtual pet world with cat Tom, cat Angela and other cats. Each cat has its own personality and preferences. Players also need to catch them to be able to take the best care of them.

Surely this game will help you relax a lot. The feeling of comfort when taking care of your pet is only possible when you experience this game. What are you waiting for, without immediately joining the game My Talking Tom Friends with unlimited money version full of incentives.


Transform into a lotus for cute cats

Download game My Talking Tom Friends Mod Apk - Experience making lotus for pet cats

The mod apk version of the game My Talking Tom Friends has attractive features including the following:

  • Mod features
  • Unlimited money feature

You need to know how to get money when playing the game mod apk version as follows:

  • Install the game My Talking Tom Friends
  • Play the game through the tutorial
  • Then exit the game
  • Clear the phone cache
  • Reopen and start playing, you will get quite a lot of money

My Talking Tom Friends is a virtual pet game but quite interesting, in addition to entertainment and relaxation, the game is also a place to create fun petting for you with cute cats like Tom, Angela and your friends. they. Cats living together and living together will make the game much more interesting, creating happy laughter. This is also a place to help you relax after stressful moments at work or class.

Experience the game My Talking Tom Friends

Taking care of and playing with cats will help you reduce stress

Let's learn more about this game.

Have a lot of pets, have a lot of fun

The game My Talking Tom Friends is not like the previous games that raise a pet, but there are many different pets including Tom, Hank, Angela, Ginger, Ben and Becca. One fine day, these cats make the decision to go to a house to live together and create new joys. When you take care of them and see them play happily together, you will surely feel great.

Fun but will take a lot of your time

Taking care of a cat in real life or in the virtual world is not an easy thing and it takes up a lot of your time. You have to spend time taking care of Tom and the other cats, so it's a bit strenuous.

Each cat has its own preferences. For example, the cat Tom loves to play the piano and play soccer, and the cat Angela likes to play in the park outside and puzzle games. But Hank the cat wants to play chess and likes to bathe several times a day. When cats have a wish, they are expressed in their thoughts and displayed on their heads.

Many times, cats because of their excessive playfulness affect their health. If this is the case, take the cat to the health box immediately and find medicine for them. For example, syringes, seawater infusion bottles, massage hammers, potions for all diseases.

Visit the store to shop more

There are many interesting things in the store. Cats are often hungry and need to find food when the refrigerator is empty. Each cat has different tastes, so you have to buy them a lot of food. In addition, the store also offers clothes for your cat. Various styles for cats. It can be a polite outfit, a youthful, dynamic outfit, ....

Decorate, arrange the layout of the common house of the cats

Naughty cats

The common house is a place to live and also a place for people to live together happily and warmly. You can decorate and rearrange the house according to your wishes so that the house becomes the most beautiful and warm. If you want, you can visit the store to buy more necessary items, furniture or arrange the rooms in the appropriate order.

Various mini games in the game

In this game is a combination of many mini games of previous titles to be able to satisfy all the preferences of cats. Play games and get coins to buy more items in the shop.


Above is the information about the game My Talking Tom Friends for those of you who are looking to learn about this game. Hope this article is useful for you and wish you will have relaxing moments with this game.

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