The Battle Cats 11.10.0 MOD APK (Unlimited XP/Cat Food) Download

The Battle Cats
App Name The Battle Cats
Genre Casual
Developer Ponos Corporation
Size 85.5MB
Latest Version 11.10.0
Mod info Unlimited XP/Cat Food
Update January 03, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats (Mod, Unlimited XP/Cat Food) is a game about defense. Gamers will have the task of choosing for themselves an army of cats to fight with other enemies. Usually the opponents will have armies with different animals. Gamers will send their troops to a battlefield with 2D images to attack the enemy's tower. At the same time, the cat army needs to find a way to protect its tower by the opponent's attack.


The Battle Cats - Defense game with super easy cats

Gamers will be able to build and choose a huge character system. Each warrior will have different fighting abilities. Players can upgrade these warriors when they have reached a certain level required by the publisher.

The impressive thing this game brings is the shaping of the cat warriors. There will be many different cat faces from funny, goofy images to weird bodies.

Cute battle of cat warriors

With the information provided below, players will understand more about this game. Guaranteed gamers will be attracted by the cuteness of the cats.


Owning a very easy to play and extremely attractive gameplay

Gamers will control their cat army to invade the opponent's towers in the game. In this game, the player will direct the cats that have just destroyed the enemy base to collect a lot of XP. At the same time instruct them to defend their base.

At the beginning of the game, right at the interface of the game, the player will see the base of each warring party on either side of the screen corner. Normally, the player's base will be indicated on the right corner of the screen.

The longer the battle lasts, the faster the money or XP of both factions will automatically increase at a faster rate. So players can use the proceeds to summon more cats to fight. The same goes for the opponent's side, but the opponent's army will include different animals, so they will recruit the animals corresponding to the army.

If gamers want to improve the strength of their army, they can use a certain amount of money to upgrade. In combat, the side that successfully destroys the opponent's base first wins. After winning the player will receive rewards and money.

Missions for various players

Participating in the Battle cats game, gamers will be able to perform many different tasks. The task will be upgraded from easy to difficult according to each level. Some difficult tasks such as: win a battle, raise your position in the rankings, ....

When completing each mission, gamers will receive a corresponding amount of XP to upgrade the cat. In particular, when the player is lucky, he can receive cat food, which is considered the most valuable and hard-to-find item in the game.

Create a lovely image for the cat army

All the cats in the game are extremely cute with many different shapes. Depending on the function, each cat will have a unique feature to identify. When joining the player can see the cats are extremely bloodthirsty, they can finish the enemy in the most brutal way at any time.

Players will upgrade these cats with XP. The levels of the cats are: Basic-Rare-Super Rare-Uber Super Rare-Legend Rare and Special.

Provide versatile support items

Before the battle: the player will use these tools during the match. However, the items in the game the battle cats will disappear at the end of the match. Some support items such as: increase the damage to cats, double the amount of XP after the end of the match, increase the ability to dig money in the match, ...

In the match: the player will use the cat's power-ups during the battle. These items will be located in the lower left corner of the screen interface, you will pay a certain fee when you want to upgrade.

Cute, colorful graphic design

All images are completely designed in 2D, characters are created extremely cute. Make gamers easily fall in love, melt when playing for the first time. The publisher pays a lot of attention to the effects when fighting. To describe an extremely fierce and epic match.


Ingame graphics are invested very carefully

Customizable investment sound

The publisher has paid great attention to the sound of the battle cats game. Gamers may find that the sound has a very catchy melody. At the same time during the game, the player will see the continuous change of music. Through each mode, different ranks will enjoy different music. This is to raise the fighting spirit for gamers.

When gamers are still confused in choosing a game to enjoy this summer. Then the useful information about The battle cats game above will help players make an informed choice.

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