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Sweet Crossing
App Name Sweet Crossing
Genre Casual
Developer Moonton
Size 93.5MB
Latest Version
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 27, 2022 (5 months ago)

Description of Sweet Crossing

Sweet Crossing is a game with a simple gameplay, if in other snake hunting games. Players will control cute pets that move in long rows in search of food for snakes. When the player eats a lot of food, they will grow, which means the player will gain points.

On black and white nokia phones snake game has been developed into many different versions and sweet crossover is one of them. Game Sweet Crossing has the same gameplay as the classic snake game or the famous Slither.io game. This game will take players to the realm of sweets and adorable animals, instead of the world of snakes.

Sweet Crossing
Immerse yourself in the lovely sweets kingdom with Sweet Crossing


The ultimate goal of the player is to get the highest score and become the winner. And the most important thing and the player must be skillful in moving and avoiding touching the tails of other animals.

Game Sweet Crossing for Android and for iPhone has many types of pets for participants to collect, choose and use. Besides, there are lucky chests that can bring gamers cute animals.

The main context in the game is an island floating in the air, with a lot of items and aids that give players an advantage. The graphics and sound in the game are also extremely impressive to help players feel more excited.

Download Sweet Crossing Mod Apk- Explore the interesting island of snakes

Join us to discover what advantages this game has that attracts so many gamers to participate:

Gameplay is attractive, attractive

Game play is very cute and attractive

The gameplay of this snake game is probably too familiar to most of us. All the player needs to do is make his snake bigger by eating the targets along the way or killing other opponents.

Same gameplay, but in Sweet Crossing mod apk is where cuteness takes the throne. Players can choose a variety of pets instead of just a boring monotonous snake. Hunting targets on the player's map are no longer black dots but colorful candies

Very cute game characters

The characters appearing in Sweet Crossing mod apk are super cute pets of all kinds. There are dozens of different types of pets such as baby penguins, baby rabbits or cats and dogs, etc. All of them are created in a cute style. In addition, for each pet character, you can also choose from different coat colors or even different skins.

Some tips to play Sweet Crossing effectively

To help every player achieve the highest score and position on the leaderboard, we will share with gamers some solid gaming tips  shortly.

Know the basic rules

Whether or not players have ever played the snake game, there are a few rules you need to know before entering the sweet but fierce world of competition in this game:

  • Swipe left / right / up / down to move in the appropriate directions.
  • Try to eat a lot of sweets scattered around the map to get bigger and have a longer "tail".
  • Stay away from opponents when you first enter the game, do not crash into the "tails" of other animals.
  • Stay away from map boundaries.

Don't try to kill your opponent if you can't

Most of the time of gamers in each level is eating delicious sweets on the map to increase body weight and length. Every time the player eats a certain amount of food, the "tail" on the back will lengthen and the size will also increase.

However, when first entering the game Sweet Crossing, the player is just a small character. Therefore, gamers themselves should choose a safe place to continue eating instead of risking their lives trying to kill their opponents. Just a light touch on the opponent or map boundary is game over.

Run in circles to surround your opponent

Players can choose to play the peaceful way of quietly eating sweets and staying away from clashes to increase their rankings one by one in the leaderboard. However, what makes the game more interesting and dramatic are the combat aspects.

When the "tail" is long enough, the player can trap smaller opponents by running in circles and gradually tightening the encirclement. With this tactic, your enemies won't be able to run away and in the end, the player can devour what's left of the target's body. Make sure players are alert enough to avoid falling into the same traps of other players at Sweet Crossing.

Collect lots of cute pets at Sweet Crossing


Thus, in the content of the above article, we have updated everyone with information about the game Sweet Crossing. Hopefully through what the article has shared can help you read more information about this fascinating game genre. Please follow us for the most up-to-date information.

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