Angry Birds 2 3.11.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Angry Birds 2
App Name Angry Birds 2
Genre Casual
Developer Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Size 253.9Mb
Latest Version 3.11.2
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update March 23, 2023 (22 hours ago)

Description of Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 mod apk is an extremely attractive new version of the classic game Angry Birds. Surely gamers already know this new version? To continue the success of previous versions, the game retains the same content. Even the gameplay has not changed much compared to the previous version.

In addition, Angry Birds 2 also has some new things such as: the appearance of the pig king and the super powerful magic cards. The game promises to come back and be many times more powerful than before. Although it has not been released for a long time, this version has received many positive feedbacks from customers. More than 65,000 downloads at CH Play is an impressive number on the first day of publication.

This version 2 once again confirms the appeal of the Angry Birds series. The love and acceptance of players has never changed during the past 5 years.

angry birds 2 mod apk

Attack the evil pigs stealing eggs with Angry Birds 2

The graphics this time are super fun and cute from the birds and the villains. The skill effects of the birds are very impressive. Angry Birds 2 colors are eye-catching, detailed and highly entertaining. The fun and mischievous sound of birds and pigs helps gamers to role-play.

More importantly, the player is like entering the world of birds flying in the sky. And has remarkable power that can knock down enemies. It is because of those factors that downloads on all platforms are more than 1 million in half a day.

Discover the power of angry birds

The birds in version 2 will of course be improved and have extremely top moves. Let's find out to be able to conquer the perfect score!

Red leader bird

This is the leader bird and you can see it most often when playing the game Angry Bird. Red has a special ability that is creating supersonic waves like Obi-Wan Angry Birds Star Wars. The red bird produces a loud scream that can easily topple the watchtowers of the green pigs.

Blue bird clone

The Blues is a pretty special bird in download Angry Birds 2 mod apk. Because the attack power is not too strong, but it has the ability to clone. It can create other copies of itself. Gamers just need to touch the screen to make the blue bird triple. The clones of this bird are the same color, the power is increased three times when destroying the watchtowers.

angry birds 2 mod

Powerful birds

Matilda - The only queen of Angry Birds 2

This "girl" is shaped like an egg and creates eggs to attack green pigs. The Matilda is a bomber that can strike directly at enemy residences. This is the most useful weapon for you when you want to focus your attack on a specific point.

The Golden Triangle Bird - Chuck

Chuck is a golden bird with a triangle-like shape and prominent yellow feathers. Especially this bird can turn itself into a bullet. It can cut wood and attack the watchtower of the hateful green pigs.

When the golden “blob” is flying in the air, tap the screen. At this time, its flight direction and speed will change in the blink of an eye. No longer flying down in an arc but going straight up super fast. And rush into the enemy's tower forcefully.

Tips to play Angry Birds 2 get a perfect score

So that you can achieve the highest score when playing the game. This section will share a few small tips in this article.

Know your environment

The environment plays an important role while playing Angry Birds 2 mod apk. Capturing and understanding the environment you are playing will be a huge advantage.

angry birds 2 mod apk android

Need to understand the environment to help defeat the herd of green pigs

Use Gems at the right time

Just like other games, Gems are the most valuable item in this game. Use 60 Gems to be able to go back to the 30 minute period. In addition, Gems can also buy special spells when playing the game.

In this Mod version, players do not need to worry much about how to earn more Gems. Because the game has been Modified with infinite Gems, players can buy items and upgrade their angry birds!

Above is some information and experience playing Angry Birds 2 mod apk game. These shares will help players get the highest score. Hope the moments of interesting experiences will help you have fun and relieve stress!

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