Mad Skills Motocross 2 mod + apk 2.34.4487 Unlimited Money

Mad Skills Motocross 2
App Name Mad Skills Motocross 2
Genre Race
Developer Turborilla
Size 80.2Mb
Latest Version 2.34.4487
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update October 28, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Mad Skills Motocross 2

Mad Skills Motocross 2 is an interesting motorcycle racing game that is produced based on the basic story that everyone will choose to become a character in the game. Then drive your car to run on uneven roads quickly and carefully. To be able to be the first to reach the finish line of the stage.

All you need to do is choose a story to your liking. Then need to set up your character to make it the most beautiful and attractive. The more you give your character an attractive appearance and top racing skills, the more coins and items you can win.

Mad Skills Motocross 2 mod apk android

Mad Skills Motocross 2 has a simple control method but the gameplay is a bit complicated, so it is important for gamers to use more tricks and tips. Here are a few tips and tricks to know:

  • Earn lots of Rockets - Means you need to win lots of Rockets. The easiest and fastest way is to read the chapters of the game and read more stories to better understand your characters and backstory.
  • Difficulties in replaying the old part – If you are playing Mad Skills Motocross 2, you cannot replay the old chapters to play again. If you want to see your favorite character, force the system to start over.
  • Switching between stories - There riders can freely move between stories. Users can use the story without changing the progress they have made.

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Join Mad Skills Motocross 2 to be able to enter the vivid and realistic virtual world. Let's find out what interesting things are in this game.

The control system of Mad Skills Motocross 2 is impressive and unique

The control system of Mad Skills Motocross 2 supports gamers to press the gas and brake buttons on the left side and the ability to steer people backward or forward on the right. The way you fall at the helm is extremely important in this game because it is often part of your attack plan and how you cross the treacherous roads with a win-lose line.

Mad Skills Motocross 2 mod apk

One of the early tips that players learned was to lean backwards to be able to run a little faster, while sitting on the rear wheel is still faster. The only problem is that if you lean back too far, the player will hit the ground and cause a collision.

Opportunities and obstacles come constantly

While early races are manageable even with a few mistakes, it doesn't take long before you need to prepare a strategy to take down your opponents. Players can take it out and participate in other races.

The levels in Mad Skills Motocross 2 are divided into three levels from low to high. People need to finish almost all the races from the easiest level then to the intermediate level and finally to the hardest level to become an expert.

However even the first levels can be very complicated and opponents will upgrade their cars as you get higher. So gamers need to unlock more new racing cars to catch up.

Have the opportunity to compete with domestic and foreign competitors

Mad Skills Motocross 2 adds more methods of participation than the traditional version when different players experience in Multiplayer Jam mode. Although players will not compete with others in real time, however, you will have to fight "ghosts" of other people to win the best racer award.

Mad Skills Motocross 2 mod

Every week, a new band is introduced and the riders will have to compete their way to increase the ranking by beating others on the available tracks. At the end of the week, everyone will be able to see who was the best of the week and can see how far you rank among the best in the world.

How to participate is very simple

Mad Skills Motocross 2 has a simpler way to play. At the beginning of the experience, people need to choose a story from among the different types of stories included in the game. There are many genres including horror, romance, action, stories, etc. After choosing, you need to set up a character according to your preferences.

Participants must give an excellent look to their character. Riders will discover more and more stories, they can also get more stories by downloading the Mod Apk version of Mad Skills Motocross 2.


In the above article, we have compiled all the information related to Mad Skills Motocross 2 for you. Hope the above will help everyone. Wish gamers have moments of relaxation and fun.

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