Bike Race Pro mod 7.7.20 Unlock All Levels

Bike Race Pro
App Name Bike Race Pro
Genre Race
Developer Top Free Games
Size 24.7Mb
Latest Version 7.7.20
Mod info Unlock All Levels
Update October 27, 2022 (1 months ago)

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Description of Bike Race Pro

Bike Race Pro is an extremely attractive game, extremely suitable for those who are passionate about off-road racing games. The game uses many realistic 3D visual effects, vivid sounds and interesting road models to bring a feeling of extremely interesting and attractive playing experience for players.

If players are new to this game genre or want to experience a new, slightly different style of play, they can refer to Bike Race Pro. This version of the game will provide players with many new features and is completely free when players download the game.

Bike Race Pro mod apk android

Bike Race Pro was created from the inspiration of players by the increased demand of players, wanting to try new aspects, the feeling of playing authentic racing games. So Bike Race Pro has been and is the hottest game version on the world game market, the usage is much higher.

In this game, the player will tilt his phone and touch the screen to proceed to control the racing car running through the road models that appear in the game. After completing the task of each level, you will receive a high score.

Bike Race Pro has a total of 14 different scene types and models such as snow, ice, jungle, cliffs, etc. All models create a realistic feeling, increasing the difficulty of the game to a new level. Moreover, this game is invested with hundreds of types of terrain, 16 types of vehicles for players to choose from. Players who want to discover new cars must overcome challenges according to regulations.

Download Bike Race Pro Mod Apk – Experience a new off-road racing game

For the game Bike Race Pro, players do not need to be too proficient in how to play, but just need to experience the first game to enjoy the game comfortably. And after the first games, players will gradually get used to racing.

During the racing process, players also notice some points for themselves, so pay attention. These points can help players a lot in upgrading their racing car or changing other racing cars. In particular, coming to the game Bike Race Pro, players will also enjoy many new things, bringing more interesting feelings such as graphics, sound, outstanding features, ...

Bike Race Pro mod apk

Graphics and sound

One of the highlights that attracts a high number of players is because in the game Bike Race Pro uses many sophisticated, beautiful and very realistic graphics. Beautiful graphics combined with the vivid sound of the engine, the tires after the drifts when racing, ... have made the game even more attractive. Players also have the opportunity to experience great speed on difficult and rugged terrain races along with fiery competitions with other players.

However, the difficulty of this game is also related to the fact that the terrain in the game changes constantly. That poses a pretty big obstacle for players and also poses a challenge for them to be sharp, sensitive, quickly control the appropriate racing car or else the game will end.

Outstanding features of the racing game Bike Race Pro

According to the update, when experiencing Bike Race Pro, players can have the opportunity to try many other exciting games such as participating in 14 addictive worlds, along with 128 challenging races and levels. Very different difficulty levels. That creates a strange, new feeling and does not repeat a game that is easily boring for gamers.

But one condition to be able to participate in those strange races and terrain is that the player must first complete the old races. The game will increase the feeling of enjoyment, go through the trails and novelty to be able to unlock all the other difficult paths. In particular, players can participate in the world championship racing tournament with other elite players in the racing game village.

Bike Race Pro mod

This version allows players to learn exactly how to understand the road scenario, conquering difficult races. Players also need to combine factors such as being careful, having a good strategy, and calculating carefully to get the corresponding score. Otherwise, the player will have to start from the beginning.

Unlock 16 bikes

In addition to opening new racetracks, players are also provided with the ability to unlock and own beautiful racing cars when playing Bike Race Pro Mod Apk version. Players can open them and use cars with rich colors, other eye-catching designs.

One more thing that is very beneficial for players is that they can personalize their racing car with many necessary features and criteria, suitable for the race tracks.


Game Bike Race Pro is an exciting, unexpected, and new type of online racing game that every gamer should experience. If players are bored, want to try a game that brings entertainment, relaxation and try the real feeling when playing the game, this is also a perfect choice.

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