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FR Legends
App Name FR Legends
Genre Race
Developer Feng Li
Size 91.5Mb
Latest Version
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update February 20, 2023 (1 months ago)

Description of FR Legends

FR Legends Mod Apk is a racing game with attractive and dramatic gameplay. When participating in the game, players will transform into professional racers. They will drive cars with a capacity of hundreds of km / h and participate in racing on many different terrains and tracks.

This game has many game modes, support items and many different race tracks… Gamers can customize the cars to their liking. Equipping the vehicle with dynamic equipment and interior firepower will help it increase its speed to thousands of km/h. Entering these super dramatic car races, the gamer's task is to defeat 6 opponents on the track to reach the finish line first.

Download FR Legends Mod Apk Unlimited Money

In the races in FR Legends, the use of Drift technique is extremely important. To become a professional racer, players need to have expertise and spend a lot of time practicing to improve driving techniques. Mastering the Drift technique, the road to becoming a champion will not be far away.

FR Legends mod apk android

Experience the Drift Battle between Monsters

FR legends will bring gamers into a world with a diverse and rich collection of racing cars. They are all modeled after the hottest cars today. After passing the levels in the game, the publisher will proceed to update more vehicles with more advanced features.

However, wanting to own a fast car is not easy. Each car has a certain price. To buy these cars you have to play the game to accumulate enough coins needed.

Experience the dramatic races

When participating in FR legends, players will not be disappointed by the superior features. Here are the highlights of this game:

Diverse game modes

FR Legends gives gamers moments of great entertainment through diverse game modes. The most prominent game modes are:

  • Practice mode: This is a practice mode that allows unlimited driving. Thanks to this mode, players can get used to the terrain as well as practice how to control and use Drift techniques more proficiently.
  • Solo Run mode: If you are looking to challenge yourself, this mode will be very suitable. This is a mode for gamers to break the score record that you have created by yourself.
  • Chase Run - Lead Run mode: When participating in this mode, the racers will enter the race with formidable opponents. As a chase Run, gamers must follow and pass the cars in front to reach the finish line first.

Allows you to upgrade the vehicle's engine to increase its power

FR Legends mod apk allows to upgrade the car's engine with an extremely rich equipment system. Vehicle parts such as the box, steering wheel, shock absorbers, engine wheels, wheels, brakes, etc. are completely adjustable. After upgrading, the racing car will become stronger and run faster.

Besides, in addition to upgrading parts, gamers also have to adjust the interior of the car. Especially change the color of the car according to your preferences. From there, creating a car that is both beautiful and has its own centipede style.

Top notch graphics

The graphics of FR Legends are well designed with extremely realistic images. The racing screens are combined with environmental elements like a real-life open-air racing. This graphics is compatible with all devices so even low-end phones can play the game to the fullest.

Driving instructions when the screen has no control buttons

In many cases, on the screen of FR Legends will not appear a control button at all. So in this case, how to control the car in the race? In order for the car to accelerate when it is necessary to touch the left side of the screen, the lower right corner will be the foot brake, and the upper right corner will be the handbrake.

Along with that, gamers need to combine with tilting the phone to move the car in the right direction. But if you do not want to play this way, the player can completely install the control buttons in the settings of the game.

FR Legends mod

How to race without buttons

In addition, the game also allows to customize the driver's perspective when changing the camera. Accordingly, gamers can look from the car or look at the map to observe the terrain.


The above article is all information about the fascinating download FR legends mod apk game. Hopefully through the article on players can firmly grasp the techniques to play the game most effectively. And don't forget to join this game now to experience the most dramatic races!

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