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Drift Max Pro
App Name Drift Max Pro
Genre Race
Developer Tiramisu
Size 383.0Mb
Latest Version OBB 2.5.3
Mod info Free Shopping
Update October 28, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Drift Max Pro

Produced by the globally famous game maker - Tiramisu, ​Drift Max Pro quickly won the love of the gaming community around the world. Since its release until now, this game has had up to millions of downloads and received very positive reviews from players. If you are a racing car enthusiast and feel bored with traditional racing games with heavy elements of speed, you cannot ignore this game.

Fast and Furious is an extremely hot movie about racing that surely everyone has seen. Not only fascinated by the dramatic chases of one-of-a-kind supercars, but we also admire the top-notch driving techniques of the two characters in the film, Brian o'Conner and Toretto Dominic. And a technique that cannot be ignored by the racers is the pavement, also known as the Drift. Can you see that the two main characters Drift are extremely smooth and cool, right?

Drift Max Pro mod apk android

Drift Max Pro has recreated the racing scene and extreme Drift shots in the FaF movie, and it also has a lot of different features related to vehicle upgrades that gamers need to pay attention to. The improvement of different components will bring many different uses such as increasing acceleration in a certain period of time, increasing speed limit or increasing control sensitivity ...

Contrary to that, taking care of the car's appearance only works to create a unique novelty of the player compared to other racers. In addition, buying yourself better quality racing cars when you have enough money is also essential for any participant.

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When experiencing Drift Max Pro, players will have extremely realistic feelings that they have never had before. Discover with us now.

Drift Max Pro mod apk

How to play Drift Max Pro is simple and easy to understand

In the game Drift Max Pro, everyone's main task is not simply racing like some other traditional racing games (that is, using speed to reach the finish line first in each race). If you use those rules in this game, you will definitely become a loser.

The main task of the racers in DMP is that the player has to drive continuously to get the most points. The skill factor is always on top. Show everyone how awesome you are at driving. In fact, Drift is a very complicated technique, the number of people who can do it can only be counted on the fingers.

But in this game, everyone will easily master this technique by correctly using the Brakes, the Gas keys in coordination with Rotating the steering wheel. Each turn is limited in time, just drive and Drift enough points and reach the finish line on time. Just like that, you have won this burning race. Too simple, right?

The more excellent you are, the more points you will get. Drift Max Pro has a very thorough scoring system to accurately assess your performance. Not only can you improve your racing skills, but you can also win a lot of points and create new records. Interact with friends and beat them on the leaderboard system.

Diverse and rich racing genre

Drift Max Pro recreates many famous racetracks around the world. From lively neighborhoods in Tokyo, racing tracks with bold colors of France, colorful bends in Brazil or racetracks in Madrid, Spain… all appear in this exciting game.

Drift Max Pro mod

However, the tracks are arranged in order from low to high, to discover more difficult challenges you have to complete the screens in front.

A variety of racing car models

In racing games, it is impossible not to mention the top luxury supercars that everyone must dream of. Drift Max Pro owns dozens of supercars from the world's leading car manufacturers. A variety of cars from popular cars like Toyota, Ford cars to super cars like Lamborghini or Ferrari are waiting for the racers to take them to the garage.

After completing a game screen based on the number of points you get, you will receive the corresponding amount. Use this money to buy cars and upgrade vehicle accessories to help you in conquering the racetrack.

However, with the Mod Apk version of Drift Max Pro, players will own an endless store of super cars with unlimited money. You will be delighted to change and upgrade your car, it's interesting, isn't it?

Sharp graphics

Drift Max Pro invests in extremely sophisticated 3D graphics that can compete with any racing game available on the market. Special move effects highlight each of your Drifts. Not only that, but the sound is very realistic and lively. The sound of wheels running on the asphalt will definitely make you extremely excited.


In the above article we have introduced all about the game Drift Max Pro. Hope the above information will be useful to everyone. Hope you have a great time playing the game.

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