CarX Drift Racing mod + apk 1.16.2 Unlimited Money

CarX Drift Racing
App Name CarX Drift Racing
Genre Race
Developer Carx Technologies
Size 32.7Mb
Latest Version 1.16.2
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update October 27, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of CarX Drift Racing

CarX Drift Racing is a genre of Drift racing model for speed enthusiasts with many intuitive controls, allowing players to control sports cars on the track. And take on challenges like pulling the handbrake, driving onto a slide, or driving on burning asphalt.

To date, Carx Drift Racing is the most popular racing game series, known to many players. After this game was announced, it attracted a lot of domestic and foreign players with a large number of downloads. This has brought a lot of fame to CarX Technologies, LLC - a game maker devoted to this game genre.

CarX Drift Racing mod apk android

Coming to the Carx Drift Racing game, you will experience and participate in very interesting and thrilling chases, not only stopping at speed, but players also need to have real drift handling phases. Professionally, skillfully steer through the bends to bring a certain score and win.

With the new gameplay of the game Carx Drift Racing, players will completely have a different feeling than other famous games such as: Asphalt 8, Asphalt 9 or other racing game genres. Because in this game, there will be very realistic races and players must use all their skills to bring about victory. Without any help or support items, each player himself must know how to control his own speed to reach the finish line and win.

Download CarX Drift Racing Mod Apk – Discover the most thrilling steering

In fact, for each race to take place without any problems or problems, players do not simply practice hard. Each part on the car is also an important factor in determining whether the player can get the top achievement or not.

Therefore, you need to know how to combine the two factors above to help yourself overcome all opponents, bring yourself to the finish line as soon as possible to win. The sound of the engine operation as well as the dramatic steering phases will describe as realistically as the real-life race. Players can easily have a feeling of excitement and excitement with many options in observation mode. Let's find out the highlights of the game CarX Drift Racing.

CarX Drift Racing mod apk

New race track

Carx Drift Racing offers participants to play a lot of different and unique racing maps. Especially they recreate famous cities like New York, Tokyo, Monaco, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and many other famous cities.

In addition, each track has different difficulty levels. Therefore, players will have to be self-sufficient, conquer those races by themselves to bring victory and become the best racer of the city. Moreover, conquering those maps is also an opportunity to unlock other maps, always remember this!

Diverse vehicle system

In addition to a variety of map choices, players can also choose from many different supercar models. Some famous car models for players to choose from are Sorrow, Syberia SWI, Сarrot II, Kanniedood, Caravan G6… Especially, each car has different characteristics, but no need to worry about dynamics. muscle.

With such prestige, it is guaranteed to satisfy your passion for speed. In addition, coming to Carx Drift Racing, players can also decorate the supercars they have chosen with outstanding and unique colors, as well as decorative accessories for their cars.

With the latest CarX Drift Racing Mod Apk version, players not only own an unlimited stock of luxury racing cars, but also have the freedom to upgrade the car as they want with unlimited money.

CarX Drift Racing mod

The most authentic feeling

Having a unique 3D graphics, Carx Drift Racing has brought a super product to players. With sharp images and the best quality, players feel like playing in real life. The most authentic feel of the spectacular turns and the most dramatic and dramatic collisions.

It will be difficult to find a great game like this one. It can be said that CXDR is comparable to famous racing games like Asphalt 8, Asphalt 9 or any other game genre.

A point worth mentioning for this game is that players will experience a realistic 3D system and high quality graphics. Therefore, if your phone is still weak in configuration, please proceed to reset the graphics.


Above is all the most detailed information about the game Carx Drift Racing. A racing game for those who are passionate about driving silk, want to experience thrilling steering phases. With a variety of race tracks, and a variety of super cars for players to choose from, what are you waiting for without quickly downloading the game and conquering those races together.

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