Hungry Shark World 5.0.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Hungry Shark World
App Name Hungry Shark World
Genre Arcade
Developer Ubisoft Entertainment
Size 144.1Mb
Latest Version 5.0.2
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update March 14, 2023 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World (Mod, Unlimited Money) is a game also recently launched by two famous providers namely Future Games of London and Ubisoft. Name of the game already gives a hint what they should do to win the game. Yes, like what you have imagine, this game is set in the sea with rows of green trees and whispering waves, white sandy beaches with beautiful coral reefs. Beneath the deep sea is a vast, rich, vivid and authentic ecosystem. Have you felt that freshness yet?

Download Hungry Shark World apkHungry Shark World - The best survival game of all time

Hungry Shark World - Enjoy the Thrilling Gameplay

Discover the Hungry Shark World experience right away by downloading the game right on Google Play. The gameplay will let you enjoy the feeling of sinking deep under the maze in the hot summer weather. There is no need to go far when you can enjoy the extremely authentic sea atmosphere right on your device.

Players will experience an exciting adventure when transforming into a large shark in the middle of the ocean. This adventure is not only to discover what the ocean has, but it is also for the purpose of maintaining life, because there is a special thing that this shark is always in a hungry state. Players have to seek food to feed sharks to be able to survive and develop. Sounds appealing right?

These sharks all have in common that they have sharp teeth and aggression. When eating prey, when smelling blood, it will make them more frantic and tend to eat more. The food will include smaller animals, small fish, large fish, even humans, tourists swimming in the sea. Besides, its aggression as well as bloodthirsty makes it attack tourists on the shore to eat meat. However, if the player uses too much strength to go to the shore to find prey, the shark's fitness will be reduced, possibly oxygen starvation, even loss of life. Players will be able to eat up to 100 prey, consider this carefully!

One thing players need to pay attention to is that you are not the ruler of the world, there will be bigger, stronger sharks, even hateful jellyfish, that will attack you. So trying to protect yourself to survive is extremely important.

Hungry Shark World includes 7 species of sharks with 7 different levels. Players will be promoted to rank and become a stronger version of the shark than the old version. In addition, the system also equips the sharks to support it. Although fierce, it is also extremely cute. They will be explored everywhere, conquering their prey as well as enjoying the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

Conquer the ocean world

Hungry Shark World owns countless great experience for players, to bring exciting, authentic experiences that are no less vivid.

Download Hungry Shark World Mod ApkWhy should you download Hungry Shark World today?

Impressive, attractive design

With a vivid 3D design, Hungry Shark World is like an animated movie that makes players can to take their eyes off. Every detail in the game is carefully and delicately invested, and unique. In addition, the sound track of the game is also one its strengths which is extremely authentic, catchy and brings a sense of comfort to you. It will be difficult to find such an interface in other games.

Support players with exclusive equipment

In order to avoid stronger enemies, equipment has been provided to players to protect themselves. It can be a rocket which can help players to run faster, explode or hypnotize or maybe more effects.

Experience on a variety of devices and different ages

players can play directly or can download to the device to experience. Above all, this game is not picky and suitable for all ages. With just a device, anyone can play Hungry Shark World.

A few game tips to keep in mind

To play well Hungry Shark World, players need to save a few tips as below.

Do not stay on shore for too long

This is extremely harmful to the shark itself because it will lead to a lack of oxygen and possibly death. It’s stay true even at the natural environment for real sharks, right?

Beware of all the threats around

If you do not play with highest caution, sharks are very susceptible to attack by jellyfish. And most importantly, the other sharks are bigger.

Eat and move constantly

Sharks are always in a state of hunger, so if the player chooses prey, they quickly lose strength. Eat all you can and move fast to hunt!

install Hungry Shark WorldDownload and experience right away with friends!


Hungry Shark World is known to be a great game in the market. Therefore, you should now miss any chance tp quickly enjoy the feeling of going to the beach! You will be a big belly shark, always hungry, fierce. Conquer the challenge now!

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