Hills of Steel 2 mod 2.11.0 No Cooldown

Hills of Steel 2
App Name Hills of Steel 2
Genre Action
Developer Superplus Games
Size 147.1MB
Latest Version 2.11.0
Mod info No Cooldown
Update September 21, 2022 (1 weeks ago)

Description of Hills of Steel 2

Hills of Steel 2 is one of the games that is probably very familiar to gamers but can never make players bored with its extremely thrilling and dramatic gameplay.

This game with tank control gameplay is a product designed based on dramatic confrontations between playing teams.

The number of players participating in the game on each team is the same, the gamers will accompany their teammates to participate in commanding and controlling their team's tanks. Join the attack and take down your team's opponents one by one to bring about absolute victory for your whole team.

Hills of Steel 2 - Fierce tank war without end

The game Hills of Steel 2 also has extremely attractive events for gamers to experience with friends, and more importantly, to take home extremely attractive and interesting rewards.

Coming to this game, players will have a transformation into one of the most skilled shooters with great shooting skills. Players will have the opportunity to own tanks with power and outstanding features that are unique to each vehicle.

There are countless different modes in the game Hills of Steel 2 can freely choose. Each level will allow g to use a fixed tank. Hurry up to join the dramatic and fiery battles with your close friends.

In addition, take advantage of opportunities to show off your marksmanship skills and proceed to destroy as many targets on the way as possible and get the final victory.

Download Hills of Steel 2 Mod Apk- accompany the tanks and destroy the opponent

Like other fighting games, this game is also arranged with 2 teams that are enemies of each other and face each other on a road. Those terrains will always be applied in all game modes of the game.

The player's only job in this game is to control the tank forward or backward with his teammates on that path. There will never be stealth or cheating at Hills of Steel 2 because in order to enter the official battle, the two teams must face each other first.

Because the game has the melee nature of tank wars, it is necessary to be very quick in dodging the opponent's attacks, as well as coordinate smoothly with teammates. his team go ahead and destroy his opponent to be able to win at that battle.

Special features in the game

Because this is not simply a normal melee game, but also a game that promotes teamwork, so gamers should try to combine with their teammates to create beautiful combat. as much as possible.

Building a very specific strategy from the beginning of the battle is also one of the factors that make up victory.

Being able to combine with his teammates to fight will definitely create an extremely good and surprising effect compared to fighting alone. So use your teamwork skills to move forward with your teammates.

Outstanding advantages at Hills of Steel 2

What factors have created an attractive game? Let's explore the revelations below.

Easy to use control panel

How to play and control is extremely easy

With simple features such as moving forward or backward and aiming to shoot, combined with outstanding features arranged neatly and neatly on both sides of the screen to create convenience for players to choose. Gamers just need to touch - very simple operation can easily use the features at Hills of Steel 2.

The treasure of tanks is rich and extremely unique

The treasure of tanks in the game is extremely rich with each type of vehicle corresponding to fixed functions and tasks. Joker is the default tank type in the game, providing combat with normal ammunition, this is also the most basic vehicle in the game.

For the Stinger, players will experience a chain of bullets and the most advanced missiles. This tank is capable of firing up to 6 consecutive bullets in each attack, dealing significant damage to the enemy. However, this feature of Stinger takes a lot of time to load, so it is inconvenient during combat for gamers.

Join and unlock yourself a lot of "terrible" tanks!


The brutal battles taking place in Hills of Steel 2 are waiting for you to discover. Quickly access the game today to have extremely dramatic experiences and fun moments with your teammates.

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