GTA: Liberty City Stories mod 2.4 Unlimited Money

GTA: Liberty City Stories
App Name GTA: Liberty City Stories
Genre Adventure
Developer Rockstar Games
Size 51.4MB
Latest Version 2.4
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 28, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of GTA: Liberty City Stories

GTA: Liberty City Stories is the latest version of the famous Grand Theft Auto series. Although not heavily promoted, it still promises to create a fever on the mobile game platform.

Manufacturer Rockstar Games has just released a new version of the game Grand Theft Auto on the title Liberty City Stories. If you are a fan of this chase game series, you must be familiar with the series of games that have been storming for a while.

However, for other players, it is still quite strange to the above game series. However, when you step into GTA: Liberty City Stories, it will definitely open up an extremely interesting and thrilling world.

Here, players can freely challenge their own speed and pressure through each mission. Even, the game also brings a different experience compared to the same type of game on mobile. Because, the story is built with high logic and the gameplay is very interesting.

GTA: Liberty City Stories mod apk

GTA: Liberty City Stories - Extremely dramatic chase role-playing

Now, when he returned, he was in front of a Liberty City in turmoil. Typically, the raging of organized crime, wars between crime families, drug trafficking, strikes, etc.

In addition, this latest version is also confirmed by the manufacturer to be a superior upgrade of the company in all aspects. Including the perfection of graphics, the balance between the touch and the inherent platform of the game. Currently, the game is ready to serve GTA enthusiasts. Guaranteed to bring the ultimate experience to players.

Download GTA: Liberty City Stories Mod Apk - Speed ​​battle in the heart of the chaotic city

GTA: Liberty City Stories is exactly the action game that receives the most attention from all players around the world. The game perfectly meets the needs of graphics and drama in character building.

Similar to previous versions, Rockstar Games puts players in the role of a key member of the Mafia Leone family – Toni Cipriani. He is a man who has just returned from Liberty City after a long time on the run for murder.

The plot is guaranteed to always bring surprises

GTA: Liberty City Stories mod

Players will go from surprise to surprise

The plot of GTA: Liberty City Stories has always been recognized as innovative and groundbreaking. The content mainly revolves around a character named Toni Cipriani, returning to his hometown after a long time hiding from the law.

The game reflects a lot of different problems in life. From lifestyle, human ethics to money and finance. In addition, the game has a very reasonable story layout. This has attracted many participants to experience one adventure after another.

With unique content and storyline, the game completely conquered many high-class players.

Unique gameplay, new and equally attractive

GTA: Liberty City Stories is known as an action adventure game with new and unique designs. The entire game content is set in an open world and controls the character from a 3rd person perspective.

Thanks to the above designs, gamers can completely be more flexible in moving the camera around. This also makes it easier to consider the environments that take place in your story.

It can be seen that the creators of Rockstar Games are always trying to explore and create new elements.

Reasons to choose to play GTA: Liberty City Stories

There are many reasons for players to choose to join the world of GTA: Liberty City Stories. Here are the best reasons that attract a large number of the gaming community.

Greatly improved graphics compared to previous series

GTA: Liberty City Stories mod apk android

Extremely eye-catching 3D graphics

In this version, the game has greatly improved the graphics system thanks to the 3D platform. Absolutely no complaints about the graphics in this game. It can be said that GTA: Liberty City Stories has inherited all the advantages from the graphic design of previous games.

The game has never lost its charm over time. The first versions with simple 3D graphic design, to modern super products,... All make a perfect game world.

Enjoy exploring the underworld

With a third-person perspective, the player can control the character who survives in the chaotic underground world, full of traps. You can freely use weapons like AK submachine guns, rifles, pistols, shotguns or even grenades.

Besides, gamers also have the ability to customize their weapons as well as their characters. You can customize the character's appearance with a variety of accessories such as masks, hats, tattoos, gloves, etc.


Obviously in this version the errors that the previous series made have been almost fixed. This is absolutely a game worth experiencing. Let's immerse yourself in the thrilling mission system, the suspenseful underworld wars. All will be available at GTA: Liberty City Stories.

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