ARK: Survival Evolved mod + apk 2.0.28 Unlimited Money

ARK: Survival Evolved
App Name ARK: Survival Evolved
Genre Adventure
Developer Studio Wildcard
Size 67.0Mb
Latest Version 2.0.28
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 15, 2022 (4 months ago)

Description of ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the action-adventure survival games that is watched and accompanied by gamers across the country.

ARK: Survival Evolved was released in 2017, under the development of Studio Wildcard and signed cooperation agreements with 3 major organizations that are Efecto Studios, Virtual Basement and Instinct Games. Thanks in part to that, the game became a hit in terms of quality and long-lasting strides in the game market.


ARK: Survival Evolved - Extremely attractive dinosaur survival game

With this game, players have to persevere and work hard to survive even if they go to the end in the corners and still have to find a way out. It's a remote island and full of savage dinosaurs along with other animals. In addition, the players also have to fight nature and other opponents.

This game is like a magnet that attracts all players to this fascinating game. With new things that take players from surprise to surprise, so enjoy to the end to own a skilled workmanship and full of experience.

This article will help players understand more about this game along with the interesting things that lie behind. With download instructions, instructions for new players - beginners who are about to enter the race with items that not everyone knows. Hurry up, goof!

Download ARK: Survival Evolved Mod Apk - Let's explore the most fascinating game

After giving the basic tips and tricks to win a hundred matches, what are you waiting for without quickly downloading to enjoy this mysterious game. With very simple steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Players go to the most prestigious website and match the game's logo.
  • Step 2: Change the language to English and register together (for beginners) in very simple steps. For those who already have an account, please log in right away.
  • Step 3: Click “Download”. After completing the download step, gamers, please extract because the capacity for the free game is up to 30 GB, so please work on it to prevent the computer from viruses or overheating.
  • Step 4: Click "Play", let's enjoy with passion!

Instructions to play ARK: Survival Evolved effectively

The game  ARK: Survival Evolved is so hot, how can it not attract everyone to play, right? The following are useful words to help new players to this game better understand the game.


How to play according to each level to achieve the effect

Base Level from 1-10

At these levels, gamers must try their best to build themselves a house so that after a hard day's work, there is still a place to sleep. And if you can't build a house or just a hut, players should also buy themselves a bed to sleep peacefully.

When owning these items is also when gamers mark their sovereignty, no one dares to invade their territory and their status is already on the list.

And if you can't find it, the player should make a temporary sleeping bag even though it can only be used once. But still use it to energize and create the necessary items.

Intermediate level 11 - 20

This is the time to start waking up. The player will be converted from stone to iron and with a low probability the new stone will turn to iron. So gamers, hurry up, let's start making iron ingots - metal Ingot with 2 Metal for one ingot. Plow to create an iron pickaxe - Metal Pick helps gamers plow hoes as quickly as possible.

Along with the above, you also have to urgently build a furnace - Refining Forge on the quarries to burn (eg 2 metal will become Metal Ingot). Helps a lot such as limiting movement with a high weight that consumes a lot of energy. It is also possible to simultaneously build Smithy right on it.

Level 21

It is one of the most important moves that players must be cautious of. Because it will be easy to be drugged by anesthetic and gradually tame (Tame).

Advanced level 38

At this level, the fastest way to move in real life is the air route, but in this game it's the bird's way. Players should ride Pteranondon to move quickly, quickly to the finish line.

When gamers who already own door 38 can perform this function, please take advantage of a job to find Chitin cave immediately.

Quick tips to level up

To always win a hundred matches in the game ARK: Survival Evolved, players must know the following "thousand gold" secrets:

Watch the video or master the explorer Notes to be able to quadruple the experience while playing.

Note: the explorer notes will be distributed everywhere, so pick them up quickly because the chance is only one.

Exploration notes will help gamers raise the level to a new level, from low to strong, from weak to strong.

With full experience up to a high level, you will be able to buy Amber stores.

Perform quests in the game ARK: Survival Evolved

When you perform a task, you have trained in your hand a accumulated experience block. And there will be countless tasks from easy to difficult and forcing players to conquer, then everything will be extremely ez game.

The task in this game requires timing. Gamers need to accumulate time to be able to complete. In countless ways  can perform tasks such as:

  • Step 1: Item Level
  • Step 2: Select “Hot Bar”. Click the task you want to perform.
  • Step 3: Start now.


Join the experience now, what are you waiting for!!!


This article has helped players know more about the game ARK: Survival Evolved. With the beauty that the game brings, hurry up and download it now to enjoy the exciting feelings from here.

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