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Mini World
App Name Mini World
Genre Adventure
Developer Miniplay Inc
Size 282.0Mb
Latest Version 1.1.48
Mod info No
Update January 31, 2023 (1 days ago)

Description of Mini World

As a game built with an attractive and interesting open world, Mini World is appreciated by many gamers with extremely high efficiency. Maybe some players who have participated in games like magic cubes can relate to the similarity.

However, that is not entirely the case when Mini World has extremely cute images and graphics and sharper, more polished details than Minecraft. Gamers do not need to follow any path, but can play with endless freedom and creativity, doing everything that gamers love when playing games.

Mini World - Immerse yourself in the extremely interesting world of flying fairy islands

In addition to the survival game mode, gamers also have countless other mini games such as strategy, shooting or puzzle, ... these games are all created by other players. In particular, when participating in the game here, gamers also have the opportunity to participate in events, many unique and interesting competitions. Because of those reasons, players will never feel bored when participating in the game, Mini World becomes more attractive to players.

If you do not own this game, or have never experienced it before, we think you should immediately join the game with its outstanding advantages and attractiveness. The graphics here are one of the highlights, with careful and thoughtful investment, it is possible to see a perfect 3D game world for players to have the most authentic adventures.

Download the game Mini World Mod Apk- to adventure with us

There are many ways to download games quickly that players can refer to. The game supports both iOS and Android. If you want to experience the game with a keyboard and mouse, players can also download games on PC through reputable game download sites.

Mini World game guide for newbies

Please note the following extremely simple steps to play the game to be able to play the game easily.

Step 1: After completing the account and successfully installing the game on your personal computer, click one click on the Start button to start your adventure in your own new world.

Step 2: On the new world creation panel, click the Create a new world button to proceed with creating a new world according to personal preferences. Then, click More maps to download a new map.
In the list of maps, you can select pre-made maps and click the green button on the right side to proceed with the download.

If you want to create your own, there will be two modes available: Survival and Creative, survival and creativity, these two buttons are in the upper right corner in game modes. Gamers can make adjustments to the game mode by going to Settings.

It is also at this table that players can freely choose between difficult and easy modes along with the resource block in the Mini World game.

At the bottom of the Dev Mode section are the options of resources in the game, in the table, you can choose many options such as terrain, resources, animals or monsters that will appear in the game. game.

Step 3: If you want to experience the hardcore mode, the level is more dangerous than usual. When the player dies, the game will end immediately. In addition, the monsters or difficulties in the game will appear more often, possibly getting hungry faster,...

Mini World game modes

Possesses extremely attractive game modes

In the game there are many modes that can be referred to below:

Bag interface

This will be one of the places where gamers will create their own items. Click on the letter B to be able to open the bags, or gamers can equip themselves with clothes, wooden picks and axes to conduct resource extraction. When you want to create items, click to switch to the Craft tab.

Item Creation

When you have decided on the items that you can collect, the Craft section will display all the items that can be created. Click the Make button to create the item.
Creative Mode

In this mode, players can freely choose the items already on the board without having to create them themselves. If you want to get them to go to the toolbar, just click on the items you want to get. Then, move them down to the cells you want to place.

Join Mini World now to fight giant monsters now!


With our article above about Mini World, players will surely have completely new and diverse experiences with convenience. Pick up the phone and join us now.

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