Last Island of Survival mod 3.1 Full

Last Island of Survival
App Name Last Island of Survival
Genre Adventure
Developer Xiaojiao Zhang
Size 75MB
Latest Version 3.1
Mod info Full
Update September 27, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of Last Island of Survival

Last Island of Survival is a survival sandbox game with online multiplayer mode on mobile platforms, it is similar to games: Survival Island: Ocean Adventure or Survival Island: Evolved. The game is published by HK Hero Entertainment.

When playing the game Last Island of Survival, you will be taken to a deserted island with many other gamers. The goal of the player is to survive to the last day of Earth using collected or stolen items. You need to overcome hunger, thirst and ensure your health to survive in this very dangerous wild world.

There will be many threats around, including ferocious wildlife and other survivors, you will not be afraid because there is a treasure trove of guns and artifacts available. craft to fight those dangers.


Last Island of Survival - Survive to the end

To play safely in the dark, players must build themselves a base or side with friends. Join clans to increase your chances of survival, cooperate with each other, raid together and attack enemies.

Characters in Last Island of Survival will appear in a place that no one knows. There, players will spend time exploring what is left inside the environment and collecting what is most needed for themselves. At the same time, this is also an open world, where anyone can do as they please to survive and complete the level. It can be said that you will be the survivor after overcoming other players and enemies appearing in that environment.

Download Last Island of Survival - Exciting desert island survival game

When coming to this game, players will experience the scenery here. Promises to bring players moments of great entertainment. Explore the article below to know more about this issue!

Last Island of Survival - The whole island is your backyard

As long as you destroy all other opponents first. The game owns a large map, larger than any game players have ever played before. Explore every millimeter of a deserted island on Earth's last day: an abandoned mine, a decommissioned international airport, a destroyed university, a frozen forest in highland…to quickly pick up the necessary materials for survival in a life far away from civilization like this.

As a massively multiplayer online game, you can team up with your friends in real life or in the game by following each other. Be careful with threats from all sides.

Survival is the goal you need to aim for

During the game, the player is only given one stone ax. This basic tool will help players cut down trees and break rocks. Raw materials such as wood and stone can be found in wild areas and can be obtained through cutting trees or mining.


Protect yourself and escape from dangers

To survive in this dangerous world, players must gather resources and use them to craft tools, weapons and other equipment. To create items, you need to have the most necessary amount of materials, they are scattered on that deserted island.

You can build anything you want

Explore the endless world and build everything in Last Island of Survival, from the simplest houses to building magnificent castles. Collect different materials from different environments such as: Ice Field, Desert or Prairie to customize the appearance of buildings, craft weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs. Create and explore, survive alone or with friends.


Build your own base

In this open world environment, the player's only goal is to survive. Extremely dangerous wild animals such as wolves, bears are always around and ready to attack you whenever you are distracted. However, more worrying are the other players. Let your imagination soar higher and farther to deserve to be the last person to exist on this Earth.

Be the last survivor

This is a game with multiplayer mode, players and gamers have to fight each other in the Last day world, fighting with melee weapons and guns. Bullets and objects that are fired will move along a parallel path, instead of directly hitting the enemy. There are several different ammo types for each gun, including high speed and high firepower creating an incredibly varied strategy.

Damage calculation

Strikes on important parts will cause more damage to the enemy than hitting other parts of the body. The use of accompanying weapons such as perspective will give players an advantage over opponents.


Above is all information about Last Island of Survival. With the information given, it will help readers have basic knowledge about the game. From there, apply it effectively to the game!

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